As A Middle-Aged Woman, Do I Need To Show Cleavage In My Dating Profile Pictures To Get Messages?

As A Middle-Aged Woman, Do I Need To Show Cleavage In My Dating Profile Pictures To Get Messages?

You don’t need to show cleavage.

As a middle-aged woman trying her hand at online dating, you have reached this point out of frustration.

You aren’t getting messages.

You thought you would.

After all, you have heard how easy women have it when it comes to getting attention from men on online dating sites.

With that in mind, you signed up on a dating site, wrote a decent bio and posted a handful of pictures.


Now you wait for all the messages that are sure to come from men.

You wait.

Wait some more.

Finally a message comes through.

Nope, he is way too creepy for your taste.


You wait some more.

Another message finally arrives.

Nope, he has way too many pictures of himself with guns.

Nope, sorry, gotta pass on him too.

You wait some more.

You wait.


Okay, it’s been a few days and you haven’t received any more messages.

It’s eerie.

It’s like your dating profile is in a ghost town.

Nothing is happening.

So much silence.

You are troubled.

What could possibly be causing this?

You decide to do a little digging by checking out the profiles of other women on the dating site and you notice something eye-opening.

Many of them are showing off some form of cleavage in their pictures.

The bell goes off in your head.

That must be it.

I need to show cleavage.

But wait, I am not comfortable with that.

That doesn’t fit my personality at all.

I am actually quite modest.

Modesty isn’t helping me though.

If I don’t show cleavage, I am not going to be getting any messages.

It’s understandable that you are feeling this way but you really don’t have to show cleavage to get messages.

Yes, showing cleavage certainly attracts a lot of men.

The problem is that you will get a lot of attention from the wrong type of men.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, you are better off attracting a man of substance.

What’s the best way to attract a man of substance?

Have common interests.

You have already done the rounds on the women’s profiles.

You have noticed all that cleavage.

Well, it’s time to do the rounds on the men.

Do a search for the kind of man that you would like to attract.

Take a look at several of their profiles.

Look at the activities and experiences that they have included in their dating profiles.

Do some of them resonate with you?

Certainly, some do.

Now, have you included those activities and experiences in your own dating profile?

You haven’t.

See, this is the key.

You need to include a significant amount of these activities and experiences in your own dating profile.

This is how the matchmaking algorithm of a dating app is able to match you a lot more easily and frequently with men.

It tries to find as many common interests in your dating profiles and uses those keywords to match similar dating profiles.

You need to go back to your dating profile and add these details.

This is how these men are going to find you when they conduct a search.

This is how the matchmaking algorithm will match you to these men.

Remember to look at their pictures too.

If some of the activities that they are participating in resonate with you, look to see if you have similar pictures of your own that show you involved in the same activities.

Post those pictures to your dating profile and make certain that you write about the activity that you are participating in within the description section of each picture.

Yes, the matchmaking algorithm also uses the words that you leave in each description section of your pictures to find matches for you.

The more keywords it finds in those sections, the more it has to work with so as to send you the most compatible matches.

This is how you are able to get a lot more attention on the dating site from men.

Many of them will already have a lot in common with you and will feel compelled to message you in order to start a conversation.