Online Dating: Should I Lie About My Height To Get Matches And Then Meet Up?

Online Dating: Should I Lie About My Height To Get Matches And Then Meet Up?

You shouldn’t.

She will discover that you aren’t the height that you inputted on your dating profile when she meets you in real life.

Guys have this ill-conceived notion that if they were to chat with a woman on a dating site and build rapport with her, somehow, she will forgive the fact that they are several inches shorter than they indicated on their dating profile upon meeting them in real life.

Unfortunately, this is a fairy tale.

It doesn’t matter how great the connection has been.

It doesn’t matter that you have both reached a point where your conversations are so deep and profound, it feels as though you have both known each other your whole lives.

It doesn’t matter that you are flirting with each other and have even sent each other nudes.

At the end of the day, you have had this access to her based on the information that you have misled her to believe.

She believes that you are a lot taller than what you have indicated in your dating profile.

You know the height requirements that she wants in a potential mate.

It is on her dating profile.

You know that her height requirements are several inches above your true height.

By misleading her into believing that you meet her height requirements, she has opened herself up to you.

Don’t think that all of this built-up rapport is going to change how she feels about the fact that you aren’t anywhere near the height that she requires in a potential mate and that you indicated that you were in your dating profile.

Setting up a real life meeting with her is only going to put you in a position where you are about to greatly disappoint.

Even if she doesn’t say anything about your height upon meeting you in real life, she is bothered by it.

Even if the both of you go on to have a fun and pleasant date, don’t mistake that as a sign that she was willing to overlook the height discrepancy.

She wasn’t.

She was just being polite.

The moment that date is over and she leaves, she will be fuming.

Why take the time and energy required in getting to know someone on an online dating site only to end up empty-handed?

All that effort to build rapport with her was a waste of your time and hers.

This only ends one way.

She is disappointed at what she discovers and will either ghost you after that date or call you out when she is ready to.

Either way, you don’t end up with the girl.

Don’t lie about your height, just don’t do it.

Many women date short men.

Most women are short.

There is a good chance that you are taller than most women, given the fact that most women are short at about 5 foot 4 inches.

You have had a hard time getting matches when you list your true height on dating apps.

That is why you are now considering lying about your height.

Not worth it.

You are so focused on your height being the source of your lack of matches that you have ignored other areas of your dating profile.

You can overcome your lack of matches by working on making your dating profile the best it can possibly be.

Rewrite your bio and fill it with fun anecdotes about your lifestyle.

Infuse humor and animation.

Post better pictures.

Not selfies.

Post pictures that show you involved in activities you love, the more the better.

Your pictures are a big part of the impression a woman gets about you and what your life and personality is like.

Post lots of them and tell a story through them.

Yes, the reality is, if given a choice, many women will choose taller men.

There are women who will still choose not to give you the time or day due to your height, no matter how good your dating profile is.

There is nothing that you can do about those women.

But, there are many women who will overlook their height requirements if you blow them away with an infectiously good dating profile.

Focus on making your dating profile the best it can be and you will get more matches, despite your height.