Dating For A Little While, Seemed To Be Getting Serious And Now She Is Back On Online Dating Sites?

Dating For A Little While, Seemed To Be Getting Serious And Now She Is Back On Online Dating Sites?

She may be back on online dating sites because she doesn’t think that you are the right guy for her.

You may date for a little while and it may seem to be getting serious, but the person may suddenly go back on online dating sites without any warning.

This may have been instigated by something that went on between the both of you recently.

Think back to the most recent interactions that you have had with her.

There may have been something that you said or did that turned her off.

Perhaps she didn’t necessarily show her unhappiness at that time but you may have noticed that soon after that incident she may not have been as cheery to talk to you or hang out with you.

If you can recall an incident that led to her beginning to seem more distant, that incident may have been the catalyst that led to her going back on online dating sites.

On the other hand, you may not be able to think about anything that may have turned her off recently.

Perhaps it seemed like everything was going well.

If anything, she may have even been more affectionate towards you recently.

Hence, you may have been blindsided by the fact that she has suddenly gone back on online dating sites.

Even if you can’t think of anything that may have recently turned her off and she may have even seemed really happy of late, there was still most likely something that made her go back on online dating sites.

Indeed, it may have even been because everything has been going so well.

Though it may seem odd, there are some people who get really worried when everything seems to be going well.

When they start feeling as though this is a person that they can get serious with, they may worry that all of this is simply too good to be true.

She may have gotten into this mindset.

She may have felt as though there had to be a catch.

She may have gotten worried that if she was to allow herself to completely give into you by getting serious with you, she would open herself up to being hurt.

The more she thought about this, the more the concept may have frightened her.

Sometimes a person can feel this way based on a past experience as well.

She may have had this same feeling when she was thinking about getting serious with her previous boyfriend.

It may have been the exact same scenario.

However, she may have ended up getting into a relationship with him only to become heartbroken in the end.

Perhaps he became verbally abusive or even cheated on her.

Either way, she may have been reminded of him and decided that she didn’t want to allow herself to get caught up in her emotions.

Hence, she is back on online dating sites in the hopes that she can find someone else.

Though you have been dating for a while and it seemed to be getting serious, another reason why she may be back on online dating sites could be because she is simply addicted to the possibility of finding someone even better.

This is often what happens with some people who use online dating sites.

They keep thinking that the next match must be better.

Hence, even though you may not have done anything wrong, she may believe that there must be even someone better than you waiting for her on online dating sites.

After all, if she has had such a good time with you, surely, there are other guys on online dating sites who she would have an even better time with.

Hence, she is back on online dating sites.

This problem often comes about because there are some people who just get carried away with the volume of dating choices on online dating sites.

As a result, they may not know when it is the right time to stop and give a particular relationship a chance.