Do Dating Apps Delete Inactive Accounts?

Do Dating Apps Delete Inactive Accounts?

Dating apps don’t generally delete inactive accounts.

Inactive accounts receive a lot less matches, but they continue to exist on most dating apps.

Dating apps avoid deleting inactive accounts, considering the likelihood that the person returns in the foreseeable future.

Some people sign up on a dating app and are very active for a period of time, before life happens and the person falls off.

People have long stretches of time where they are inactive on a dating app.

Some of these people are dealing with life and don’t have the time to be as active.

This is when people become consumed with school, career, family, travel, etc.

Knowing that people have unpredictable lives, dating apps are unwilling to delete inactive accounts.

Through experience, dating apps are aware that people fluctuate in how active they are on a dating app.

Dating apps have the numbers to prove this fluctuation in activity.

In general, dating apps are busiest over the winter months and the beginning of the year, and less busy in the summer months.

It isn’t unusual to see a massive plunge in activity over summer months on someone’s account, only to see them return over the winter months and pick up where they left off.

To this effect, dating apps are extremely unlikely to delete an inactive account.

Having observed that people fluctuate in how active they are on a dating app depending on what is happening in their lives and the season, a dating app is reluctant to delete inactive accounts.

It’s a lot easier for someone to return to a dating app when they already have an account that has been dormant and waiting for them.

This gives a dating app a better shot at getting the person to become active again and purchase a new subscription.

If a dating app gets in the habit of deleting inactive accounts, it runs the risk that the person who doesn’t find their inactive account waiting for them, goes to a different dating app.

This is a loss of business and no dating app wants this.

If anything, dating apps have a greater propensity to try to get someone with an inactive account to return than to delete the account itself.

It does this by sending emails to the inactive member with a deal or special that it is offering.

It wants to lure the inactive member back to the dating app with an offer that is tempting.

A dating app wants to have as many active members as possible.

More active members improves the number of new signups.

New signups don’t want to be in a graveyard when they sign up on a dating app.

The greater the number of active members on a dating app, the greater the number of people who are willing to sign up and stick around.

This increases the number of new signups who end up paying for a subscription.

Every member on a dating app is precious, and keeping them around whether they are active or not, is advantageous to a dating app.

It is only under extreme circumstances that a dating app deletes an inactive account.

This is when an inactive account has been flagged as a fake dating profile.