Why Is It That Dating App Activity Comes In Waves?

Why Is It That Dating App Activity Comes In Waves?

For weeks, you are receiving next to no matches, and suddenly, out of nowhere, you receive multiple matches in one day.

This lull that gives way to an explosion of activity has you perplexed.

The up and down nature of this activity makes it hard for you to maintain an even temperament.

For weeks, you are frustrated with how slow everything is in regards to the paucity of matches, and in one day, you receive a deluge of matches from nowhere.

It comes in waves and like a person who is adverse to the undulating nature of sea travel, it’s making you sick.

You are right in thinking that dating app activity comes in waves, but you must first consider how long you have been on the dating app.

The first week or two of membership on a dating app is when a person receives the most matches in regularity.

This is where the algorithm priorities you as a new member by sending you a steady stream of matches to entice you to stay on the dating app.

Once you get passed this period, you fall into the dating app’s version of purgatory where matches come in inconsistent waves.

This is when you are no longer as high a priority and you have fallen in line with the majority of people who have been members for a few weeks, months or years.

Welcome aboard.

Although the idea of having a consistent pattern of activity in receiving matches is ideal, the longer you are on a dating app, that isn’t realistic.

In falling off “favored status” as a freshly new member, the algorithm puts you on the backburner.

Your dating profile is now subject to the reality of day to day life on a dating app that the app kept from you when it was enticing you to join.

The reality is this.

From week to week, there is a revolving door of those who sign up on a dating app and those who leave.

People who are already signed up also have certain weeks where they are the most active and other weeks where they aren’t.

The dating app has no control over these factors and they all play a role in how its algorithm goes about sending you matches, once you have fallen off the “favored status.”

As aforementioned, when you haven’t experienced much activity for weeks, you are stuck in purgatory.

You are rolling with the tides so to speak, dependent on the wind.

When a strong wind arrives that raises the tides, it brings with it an extra amount of new signups and an uptick in activity of those who are already signed up, resulting in a surge of matches in a day on your account.

Once that wind subsides, you are back to purgatory.

Unless you are brand new to a dating app, you are at the backend of the algorithm’s attention.

This means you receive matches inconsistently until the next great tide comes, one that is strong enough to spare matches for those who have been on the dating app for weeks or months.