Online Dating: He Deleted His Account Soon After Getting My Number?

Online Dating: He Deleted His Account Soon After Getting My Number?

He was already planning on deleting his account before he got your number.

By the time you two met on the dating app, the idea of deleting his account was swirling within his thoughts.

Guys delete their accounts on dating apps for two major reasons.

They either aren’t receiving matches or their matches aren’t of quality.

He got your number, believing that there was romantic potential.

Asking for your number when he already knew he was about to delete his account was how he demonstrated an intention of staying connected with you.

Otherwise, you would have woken up one day, logged into your account and seen that his dating profile was gone without warning.

What a bummer.

Thankfully, in your case, he got your number beforehand.

With this request, you don’t have to worry that he deleted his account due to having met someone on the dating app that he now wants to exclusively date.

He hasn’t.

In getting your number, he has shown that he remains single.

This leaves the door open for a romantic connection between you two in the foreseeable future.

All of this sounds good, but you mustn’t sit around waiting for his phone call or text message.

Guys explore multiple dating apps until they have a favorite that delivers the best results in the volume of matches they receive and the quality of said matches.

He probably signed up on a new dating app before deleting this one.

This opens him up to meeting new women.

As he explores this new dating app, there are no guarantees that he calls or texts you.

He remains on the hunt.

You mustn’t sit around waiting on his call or text.

Talk to guys who are showing interest in you on your dating app and go out on dates with them when they ask you out.

This keeps your dating options open.

As he explores the new dating app he is on, he might meet someone he likes and as a consequence, never call or text you.

Be prepared for this probability.

Again, there are no guarantees that he calls or texts you.

Were he to call or text you after a few weeks, bear in mind that he has done so after having talked to and gone out with women he met on the new dating app he signed up on.

This means that he is finally messaging you after several weeks because those women didn’t work out.

In which case, you should be weary.

By taking several weeks to call or text you, you are not his preferred choice.

Permitting him back into your life, exposes you to getting ghosted by him should someone better come along on his dating app.

What a bummer.

As a rule of thumb, when a guy gets your number from you, give it one to two days to hear from him.

In not hearing from him within that time frame, he has sent the nonverbal message that you aren’t a preferred or priority dating option for him.