Do Men Test Women On Online Dating Sites?

Do Men Test Women On Online Dating Sites?

Some men do test women on online dating sites.

A common test that certain men use on women that they meet on online dating sites is when they ghost the women for a short period of time.

You may have met a guy on an online dating site and the conversation may have been going really well with him.

He may have asked you really good questions about yourself and may have been very good at keeping conversations going.

He may have already given you a few compliments and may have even playfully teased you.

You are feeling really good about this guy. In fact, you are finding it difficult not to think about him often.

You are discovering that whenever you log into your online dating account, he is the one that you are hoping has left you a message.

You are not acknowledging the other men who are sending you messages anymore.

You just want to chat with this one guy.

So, you chat with him for some time and everything is going really well, and then the unthinkable happens, he disappears.

He didn’t respond to your last message.

You are a little bit taken aback.

Everything was going so well with this guy.

He seemed to be quite into you.

He would always respond to your messages quickly.

He was so faithful in doing that.

Now, he has not responded and you are wondering why.

You find yourself thinking about this constantly during your day to day life.

You may even ask some of your friends and family members about what they think about this.

It just makes no sense to you.

Eventually, unable to help it, you send him another message.

You may try to hide the fact that you aren’t particularly happy with his behavior in your message but there may be an undercurrent of disdain in your message.

He still doesn’t respond to that second message.

Now, you are really baffled.

You can’t get this guy out of your mind.

A few days to weeks may lapse and you are finally trying to get back to talking to other guys on the dating site, then you get a surprise message from him.

Guys who test a woman like this are typically looking to see how far they can push her.

They want to know how much of an emotionally dependent person she is.

They want to take account of how many messages she sends them during the period in which they are temporarily ghosting her so that they know how emotionally vulnerable she can be.

When they finally message her, they will typically have some kind of excuse for their absence.

They are testing the woman in this instance to see how quickly she responds to their message, if she responds at all.

If she responds quickly, they know that she is still hooked on them.

If she takes some time to respond to them, they know that they will have to turn on the charm to get her back on board.

Guys who do this test on women on online dating sites are often all about power, control and manipulation.

They are testing the waters with a woman earlier on to see if she is the kind of person that they can emotionally manipulate and bend to their will.

They get off on the ability to have this much control over a woman’s emotions.

Oftentimes, they will target the women that appear to be the strongest in character so that they can essentially break them down.

This tends to be more of a challenge, thereby making success that much sweeter.

It is about power, control and manipulation.

That is what these kind of men are on online dating sites for.

They are not actually looking for love.