Do People Ever Run Into An Ex Online Date Or Match?

Do People Ever Run Into An Ex Online Date Or Match?

This happens quite often.

You could be going about your business running an errand and suddenly bump into someone that you have been on a date with or matched with from an online dating site.

This is especially true if you have primarily gone out with or been matched with people who live in your area on an online dating site.

So, yes, people do run into an ex online date or match.

It does happen.

If this has recently happened to you, it may have felt somewhat awkward.

This is especially true if you didn’t have a particularly good date with this person in the past.

However, do understand that not everyone is going to work out when it comes to becoming a relationship partner.

Even if this person may have been sent to you as a match on an online dating site that you were using, consequently meeting them in life doesn’t always translate to real life chemistry.

Indeed, what can happen with some frequency on an online dating site is when two people have incredible chemistry online and yet when they meet in life, that chemistry is nonexistent.

This may have been the experience that you had with this ex online date or match.

You may have really struck it off with the person on the online dating site.

Chatting with them may have been so easy and fun.

The both of you may have had a lot of shared experiences that made conversation that much easier.

Everything really seemed to be headed towards romance, all that was needed was for the both of you to simply meet in real life on a date.

In fact, you may have felt such a good connection with this person while communicating with them online that you may have even thought that meeting each other would just be a formality.

You were so sure that the both of you would also strike it off really well in life.

You had no doubt.

However, you got to meet this ex online date on an actual real life date and it just wasn’t there.

Conversation may not have flowed the way it did while the both of you were chatting on the online dating site.

It may have felt as though the both of you just couldn’t connect very well on any topic that was brought up.

You may have even felt as though you were talking to an entirely different person.

Whatever imagined vision that you may have had about what this first meeting would be like simply didn’t come to bear.

The both of you may have been civil to each other during the date but in the back of your minds, you may have both already known that nothing was going to come of this.

Again, online chemistry does not guarantee real life chemistry.

This is a lesson that you were hopefully able to glean from this past experience.

Being aware of this helps to keep your expectations in check whenever you are about to meet someone that you have been chatting with online in real life for the first time.

The weight of expectations can often ruin a real life meeting that may have had some romantic potential.

When you go on these dates with less expectation and more openness, there is a chance that you can meet an online date that actually leads to more.