Online Dating: What Are The Dos And Don’ts On A First Date?

Online Dating: What Are The Dos And Don'ts On A First Date?

When you are about to go out on a first date with someone, you should always be cognizant of the dos and don’ts.

Do be on time when you meet this person on a first date.

Make sure that you are aware of how far the location of the date is from where you are.

You should be fully aware of how long it will take you to get there and should always leave with enough extra time to spare just in case you hit traffic.

Being on time on a first date is essential in starting off with a good first impression.

Don’t be late.

This will only make the person feel disrespected and this may make it hard for them to relax and enjoy the date.

Do be conversational on a first date with someone that you met through online dating.

You should be able to conduct a conversation with this person that flows.

If you are worried that you have already talked to this person about every topic under the sun, go back to the person’s dating profile and look for information about them that you haven’t touched on yet.

There is a good chance that you haven’t touched on everything that the person wrote about in their dating profile.

Come prepared to the first date with some of these topics in mind.

This will give you a great jumpstart to the date.

Don’t allow your date to be the only one who comes up with topics to talk about.

If you just sit there and allow this person that you met through online dating to come up with all the topics and ask all the questions, you will make them feel as though you are putting out no effort to get to know them.

This may turn them off after a while and you may notice that there will start being several awkward silences in the conversation.

It may get to the point where the both of you feel so uneasy around each other that you both just want the date to end.

Always contribute to the conversation.

Do wear something that is appropriate for the activity or location that you are at.

In essence, make sure that you dress for the occasion.

If the both of you have decided to meet at a coffee shop for the first date, wearing an attire that is casual would be more appropriate for this venue.

Don’t overdress for the occasion.

If you were to meet for a first date at a coffee shop and you are dressed like you just got out of a business conference, you will make your date feel uneasy.

They will start wondering whether they underdressed for the occasion.

This would be the first impression that this person that you met through online dating would have at the very moment that they see you and it would not be a good one.

Again, you should always make sure that your first impressions are positive.

This is how you are able to give each other an unimpeded chance to discover whether you both have chemistry as the date progresses.

Do watch the time.

Even though your date may seem like they are really enjoying the banter, you need to be conscious of how long the date has been.

Always monitor the time.

It is best to end the date at an appropriate time so that the both of you are left wanting more.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Try not to get lost in conversation to the point where you have completely lost track of time.

Remember that this is the very first date.

If you were to stay on at the date for longer than you should, you run the risk of ultimately boring your date or saying something that may turn them off due to a lack of concentration.

A lack of concentration tends to occur as more and more time elapses.

No matter how good the date started, a bad ending is often what stays with a person and this feeling will often ruin any chance of getting another date with them.