Down On My Luck, Getting Over A Crush, And Trying Online Dating?

Down On My Luck, Getting Over A Crush, And Trying Online Dating?

This may not be the appropriate time to be trying online dating.

You feel down on your luck and still in the process of getting over a crush.

You are bound to be emotionally distraught over how things went with your crush.

Perhaps you gathered the courage to tell your crush about how you feel about them and they didn’t feel the same way.

Perhaps you just discovered that your crush actually has a significant other.

Perhaps your crush led you to believe that they actually liked you but has since dumped you.

Whatever the reason may be for why you feel down on your luck, understand that trying online dating at this precarious time isn’t necessarily the best solution.

You should always come into online dating with a fresh mindset and perspective.

This allows you to be more fluid with your interactions with people on an online dating site.

If you were to merely start trying online dating so as to help you get over your crush, you would only exacerbate your emotional unhappiness.

In essence, you would be putting yourself in a position where you would be relying on people on the dating site to lift your spirits.

It is very dangerous to put yourself at the mercy of other people when it comes to your emotions.

You will find yourself constantly bouncing between being in a good mood and a bad mood solely based on who you happened to interact with on the online dating site that day.

This will only prolong how emotionally distraught you feel and you may find yourself never getting over this crush.

This is why you shouldn’t start trying online dating with the hopes that it will help you get over your crush because you are feeling so down on your luck.

There are other ways that you can get over your crush.

You can accept the fact that your crush may have never been the right match for you in a realistic sense.

The mistake you may have made may have been in creating scenarios in your mind about how perfect this crush was going to be for you.

Your mind will typically create the best stories because of how euphoric this crush tends to make you feel.

These stories are often impossible to match as your crush is only human and thereby fallible.

By understanding that the stories about your crush that you created in your mind were merely fantasy, it would be easier for you to get over your crush.

You can also get over your crush by asking yourself about how often your crush actually cared about how you were feeling on a given day.

Compare how often this crush showed concern for your well-being to how often you showed concern for your crush’s well-being.

If you really think this through, you will probably come to realize that you showed a lot more concern when it came to your crush’s well-being than they showed for yours.

In essence, you were the one who truly gave of your emotion and desire for your crush to be happy and alright.

Your crush never showed this kind of concern for you, or at least, not to your level.

This understanding will help you get over your crush because you will realize that you should have also gotten the same kind of concern and caring.

You wouldn’t have wanted to get into a relationship where the caring and concern was always on one side.

You would have wanted a balanced relationship where both parties cared for each other equally.

Another way to get over your crush is by examining the kind of people that this crush has dated in the past.

If those people are vastly different from you, that may be an indication that a relationship with your crush may have never worked anyway.

Once you are able to do all of these exercises and allow yourself to heal, you will ultimately come to a place where you are emotionally free and available again.

This is when you can start trying online dating.