Girl I’m Seeing Just Updated Her Dating Profile?

Girl I'm Seeing Just Updated Her Dating Profile?

Where an exclusive relationship is yet to be established, a girl isn’t stopping her online dating activity.

You have been seeing each other, but aren’t in an exclusive relationship.

Updating her dating profile is how she keeps her dating options open.

She is on an online dating site for her perfect match.

That person could be you or someone else.

As long as she is constant in communicating with you and going out on dates, she is interested.

Is there competition?

That notion isn’t far-fetched, considering you met her on a dating site.

It’s not inconceivable that she is dating a few other men too.

Yes, the sound of that is like nails on a chalkboard to your ears, but this is the reality of meeting a woman on a dating site.

She has dating options and intends to exercise those options until she believes she has her perfect match.

Some guys get too ahead of themselves when they are seeing a woman from a dating site.

After a few dates with her, they are already assuming that the relationship is headed for exclusivity.

Consequently, they observe she has updated her dating profile and freak out.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

When you get ahead of yourself, you ruin things.

You conform to an overly clingy disposition too fast.

This is where you get ahead of her emotionally and this is a big mistake.

The moment she realizes that you are too eager and emotional over her, she is turned off.

Given that she has other dating prospects, the next logical step is to ditch you.

Whatever romantic potential there was has been ruined, as your emotions got the best of you.

Women on dating sites have a ton of men who are teeming to go out with them.

This makes them very selective on who they go out on dates with.

The fact that you are seeing her and going out on dates is a significantly good sign.

You have beaten out a good number of men she has turned down.

Don’t mess it up by reading too much into what she just did in updating her dating profile.

Again, as long as she is showing the same enthusiasm in talking to you and going out on dates, her interest level hasn’t waned.

Online dating gives women a wide tapestry of dating options.

They don’t receive this much attention in real life from men.

Updating her dating profile and dating a few men at a time to see who she has the best chemistry with isn’t unusual.

When you fret over the presence of competition, you are susceptible to anxiety and that negatively affects how you behave with her.

Have confidence in yourself.

So as not to get too attached to how this plays out with her, keep your dating options open too.

Update your own dating profile and talk to other women.

Go out on dates with those you have a mutual physiological and psychological attraction to.

Women know within the first one to three months of seeing a guy whether he is a long-term relationship prospect.

Until then, be a great date and don’t get ahead of yourself.

For all you know, once she knows who she wants to be exclusive with, you may have established better chemistry with someone else.