Is Being Too Attached Too Soon On A Dating App A Bad thing?

Is Being Too Attached Too Soon On A Dating App A Bad thing?

It can be a bad thing.

If you get too attached too soon with someone that you met on a dating app, you could end up scaring the person away.

They may have really liked you before you scared them away.

They may have felt that they were establishing a really good connection with you.

However, once they noticed that you were getting too attached too soon, they got worried about how you go about approaching potential relationships.

They get the sense that you are too desperate or eager.

They worry that you will not have a life of your own if they were to get into a relationship with you and that everything in your world would be about them.

They worry that you are now showing them that you would be needy and incredibly clingy if they were to choose to date you exclusively.

You see, by being too attached too soon, you make them start coming up with the worst possible scenarios in their mind about how you would be as a romantic partner.

If you are not the desperate, needy or clingy type, you should avoid giving this person that you met through a dating app the impression that you are by becoming too attached too soon.

It can be easy to fall prey to this when you have met someone that you feel that you are really connecting with.

You are both having such great conversations on the dating app and everything is just connecting so effortlessly.

You are making each other laugh very easily and possibly even flirting without any sense of unease.

Again, when everything is connecting so well and so quickly with someone that you have met on a dating app, it can be so easy to fall prey to getting too attached too soon.

This is especially very possible if your experience on the dating app leading up until the time that you met this person wasn’t very good.

Establishing a true connection with someone that you meet on a dating app can sometimes be daunting.

You may not have found it very easy to do this for a while.

You may have had some conversations that started well and seemed promising but they ultimately went nowhere.

Maybe the person ended up becoming a lot less interesting or they may have stopped communicating as consistently as they once did.

Sometimes, people that you start great conversations with on a dating app could even just disappear without any explanation.

All in all, you may not have had the best experiences on the dating app until this particular person that you have found yourself finally connecting with on a consistent basis.

This is where your emotions could get the best of you and although you are typically not the desperate, needy or clingy type, you may find yourself giving in to these kind of emotions and consequently become too attached too soon as a result.

Take a breath.

Understand that there is still a lot more to learn about this person.

Don’t get so caught up in how good they are making you feel right now.

Remember that people often bring their best self when they are interacting with you for the first time.

It takes time for you to actually be certain that the person that you are interacting with is for real.

If they are putting on an act, time will often flush that out because people can only keep up with an act for so long before they break.

Be patient and avoid getting too attached too soon. If this person is genuine and the chemistry remains, romance will ultimately ensue naturally between the both of you.