Girls, Do You Feel Safe Posting Pictures Of Yourself Online?

Girls, Do You Feel Safe Posting Pictures Of Yourself Online?

It is generally safe for girls to post pictures of themselves online.

A lot of people post pictures of themselves online and do not experience a threat to their safety.

As long as you do so with intelligence and the understanding that you shouldn’t be displaying where your living address is in your pictures, you should be safe in posting them.

Oftentimes, the girls who are most worried about their safety when it comes to posting pictures of themselves online are the ones who may have had traumatic relationships in the real world.

A girl who has had a history of traumatic relationships in the real world is often going to be worried or concerned about her safety.

She would often have this mindset, whether it be with the people that she interacts with online or in the real world.

Hence, she would typically worry about whether it would be safe to post pictures of herself online.

It is always best not to feel obligated to post pictures of yourself online if you are uncomfortable with doing so at this time or if you simply don’t feel ready.

Even if you may be talking to someone online who is trying to get you to post pictures of yourself, you shouldn’t feel obligated to do so.

Your sense of comfort does come first.

If you don’t feel safe posting pictures of yourself online, you just don’t at this time.

Try not to post pictures of yourself online simply because you want to fit in or someone that you are chatting with online is pressuring you to do so.

If you were to post pictures of yourself online in order to appease someone when you actually don’t feel comfortable doing so, it would make your online experience very strenuous.

Being that you were never comfortable nor felt safe about posting pictures of yourself online in the first place, you may actually find it hard to just be yourself during your interactions with this person online.

You would constantly worry about whether this person is using your pictures in nefarious ways.

You may worry that other people who find your pictures online may also use your pictures for nefarious purposes.

In other words, you may worry that they may take your pictures and send them around the web and misrepresent them in some way.

You may worry that some of the people who come across your pictures online will get an good idea for where you are physically located and may try to come and find you.

You may even worry that some bad people from your past in whom you have had traumatic relationships with may discover your pictures online and try to find a way to locate you so as to do you bodily harm.

In essence, if you were to post pictures of yourself online when you aren’t ready or comfortable in doing so, you could really make yourself miserable with all of the stressful thoughts that you could put yourself through.

Hence, as a girl, you shouldn’t feel obligate to post pictures of yourself online if you don’t feel safe in doing so, regardless of whoever may be asking you to do so online.

There are people who are willing to communicate with you online without having to see your pictures beforehand.

You can still conduct communication with people that you like online without having to post pictures of yourself.

Once you get to the point where you feel like you can trust the person, you may opt to send them a private picture or you may just decide that it is time to post pictures of yourself online for the world to see.

Regardless of whether you get to this decision or not, you should always stay in control of what you ultimately do.

No one should influence whether you choose to post pictures of yourself online or not.

Keep this in mind as you communicate with people online.