Is All Hope Lost If I Haven’t Found “The One” Online?

Is All Hope Lost If I Haven't Found "The One" Online?

All hope isn’t lost if you haven’t found “the one” online.

There is no predetermined time that you are supposed to find “the one.”

There are some people who don’t find “the one” for them until they are much later in years.

This doesn’t mean that this will be what will transpire in your case.

It’s just that you shouldn’t be so fixated on the time frame in terms of when you are supposed to find “the one.”

This is actually what tends to hurt you in this course.

When people are so fixated on finding “the one” online and finding them now, they forget about the importance of relishing their experiences with people that they meet online.

Every person that you meet online, whether the experience may be positive or negative, is a person that you can learn from.

You can learn so much more about yourself when you are able to reflect on how your experiences have been with each unique individual that you have corresponded with online.

All hope isn’t lost if you haven’t found “the one” online because you may not even be at a place in your life right now where you have fully understood yourself and what your purpose may be.

This is why you should always learn from each and every person that you encounter online.

They are a way by which you can learn more about yourself and thereby understand yourself better.

People often make the mistake of believing that “the one” will just “get them” and be accepting of all of their insecurities or idiosyncrasies.

After all, this is supposedly “the one” for them and thereby they should be understanding of them.

However, if you want to truly find “the one” online, your mentality is much better served by taking an introspective approach as far as who you believe yourself to be.

This is often what will set you apart from so many other people who blindly get online believing that they will find “the one” who will simply understand them, even though they don’t even understand themselves.

All hope isn’t lost if you haven’t found “the one” online as long as you understand that this is actually a period that you should take advantage of.

It is a period of self-discovery and understanding.

It should not be a period where every waking moment is tied up in thoughts of what it will be like when you have finally found “the one” online.

If you allow yourself to be consumed by those thoughts, you will not do the necessary work on yourself to be that better person.

Think about what you would like “the one” to be like.

You are most likely thinking about a near perfect person who will make you feel so good.

Well, wouldn’t you want to make “the one” feel that way about you?

They will not feel that way about you if they meet you when you have done no work in discovering who you are and understanding what your shortcomings are about.

They will not feel that way about you if they meet you when you are simply in desperate need of finding someone that can make you forget that you aren’t entirely happy about who you are inside.

They don’t want to feel as though they have to carry you as a person because you just want to be blissfully happy without having to do the work within yourself that is required to make you a real romantic catch.

All hope is not lost if you haven’t found “the one” online because now is a better time than ever to truly discover yourself and get to a place where you are innately happy with who you are as a person.

Your objective should not be to find “the one” online simply because they are going to finally make you happy with yourself and your life. You should already be working on getting to a place of happiness within yourself independently.

Getting to this place is what ultimately helps in attracting “the one” to you because they sense an inner effervescence to you that is simply irresistible.