Have You Ever Seen Anyone You Know Or Recognize On Dating Sites?

Have You Ever Seen Anyone You Know Or Recognize On Dating Sites?

It is quite common to see someone that you know or recognize on dating sites.

This is especially true if you live in a relatively medium sized city or town.

You may be browsing through dating profiles on dating sites and stop all of a sudden.

Someone’s face may have caught your eye.

You realize soon after that you are looking at someone that you have seen around town perhaps at one of your favorite local diners or possibly even a colleague from work.

Seeing someone that you know or recognize on dating sites is quite commonplace.

This indicates just how popular online dating has become.

Many people are using dating sites in order to find a significant other.

Oftentimes, you may not even necessarily come across the face of someone that lives in your city or town on dating sites, you may come across a face from your past.

This could be a past boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse or even childhood friend.

This does happen with frequency on dating sites.

You may not have expected to come across this person and now you find yourself fixated on the person’s dating profile.

Oftentimes, when you see someone you know or recognize on dating sites, you may feel a little self-conscious at first.

Perhaps you worry that the person may know that you are also using dating sites.

Perhaps you don’t want the word getting out that you are using dating sites.

However, do understand that these individuals are using dating sites as well.

Hence, they are more likely to be accepting of the fact that you are using dating sites to find a significant other, being that they are also doing the same thing.

Interestingly enough, sometimes, you may see a previous significant other on dating sites and inadvertently rekindle a relationship.

People tend to be comfortable with someone that they know and have had some history with.

As long as that relationship wasn’t abusive in nature, there is a certain level of comfort that people feel when they reconnect with a previous significant other.

Hence, it is not uncommon for people to find their exes on dating sites and consequently rekindle their relationships with those exes.

This may have been an ex from several years ago when you were much younger and much less experienced in relationships.

Now that you are older and more experienced in relationships, you may now understand where you went wrong in that previous relationship.

Perhaps now that you see this ex’s dating profile, your memory has been triggered with thoughts about your past relationship with that ex.

You may recall some of the really good times that you had with that ex.

Being that you are using dating sites to find a significant other, you may start thinking about what it would be like to rekindle a relationship with that ex.

Again, people often like familiarity.

In an ex, there is familiarity and a level of comfort.

This is not the kind of familiarity that you would feel with someone that you are just beginning to get to know on a dating site.

This is often why quite a few people end up reconnecting with exes that they happen to find on dating sites.

They have grown as a person and may feel that they are much better prepared to try again at a relationship with their ex.

Now that we are in an age of the internet, exes are finding each other after years of being apart.

This is happening on dating sites and even social media sites.

As pervasive as the internet is, seeing someone that you know or recognize on dating sites is something that is almost inevitable the longer you use dating sites.