How Come Girls On Dating Sites Rarely Ask Questions In Return?

How Come Girls On Dating Sites Rarely Ask Questions In Return?

They are shy.

There are many shy girls who turn to dating sites to find a boyfriend.

They may have never had a boyfriend before.

If they have, there haven’t been many of them.

They lack experience when it comes to relationships.

Being that these girls are shy and on dating sites, some of them rarely ask questions in return because they simply aren’t very good at maintaining a conversation.

Indeed, even if some of these girls may have had a boyfriend in the real world at some point, it’s unlikely that they were the ones who spearheaded conversation in those relationships either.

They will have the same nature on dating sites, if not more so.

Oftentimes, shy girls don’t want to put themselves in an awkward position.

They don’t want to say something that will make them feel uneasy.

Hence, they tend to play it safe when they use dating sites.

By rarely asking questions in return, they are able to avoid putting themselves in situations where they have to explain what they just asked.

Being that they already don’t have much experience with keeping conversation going in the real world, they are not going to know how to navigate their way around being put in an awkward position.

Shy girls are often very self-conscious.

They would rather that you do all the question asking than put themselves in the position where they could ask a question that isn’t received in the right way.

Shy girls will normally stick to what they know.

If they have rarely asked questions in return of their past boyfriends in the real world, they are most likely going to keep it that way in the online dating world.

Girls on dating sites rarely ask questions in return also because they may not be able to relate to whatever the guy is telling them.

You may have gotten into conversations with girls on dating sites who may have seemed invigorated to chat with you at first.

They may have displayed quite a bit of energy initially.

However, you may have noticed that as the conversation wore on, their energy level may have dramatically reduced.

When a girl’s energy is at this level, she will rarely ask questions in return.

Oftentimes, it is because she simply couldn’t find anything to relate to in what you were saying.

She may have been hoping to but she simply couldn’t.

Hence, there may have been a certain point during your conversation with her where she just checked out of it mentally.

She may have been responding to what you were asking of her but she really wasn’t there mentally anymore.

She was simply on autopilot and possibly thinking about checking the numerous messages in her inbox.

Perhaps she will come across a message from a guy that she can actually relate to.

When girls are unable to connect and relate to what you are telling them, they will rarely want to put out the energy in asking questions in return .

Quite frankly, they don’t want to prolong the conversation for any longer than it needs to go.

If they were to ask you questions in return, the conversation may go on for longer than they want it to.

Remember that she has most likely already mentally detached herself from her conversation with you by now.

All she may be thinking about now is getting to the other messages in her inbox.

She may even be thinking about what it would be like to wrap herself in her linen smooth sheets on her bed around this time and take a nice long nap.