Online Dating: Would You Try And Make Plans With Her Again, If The First Time She Wasn’t Sure?

Online Dating: Would You Try And Make Plans With Her Again, If The First Time She Wasn't Sure?

If she wasn’t sure the first time around that you tried to make plans to meet her, it would still be a good idea to make plans again.

She may not have been sure the first time around because she was talking to someone else of interest on the online dating site.

The typical person on an online dating site will communicate with multiple people at a time.

She may have been talking to someone else on the online dating site that she felt she was connecting with.

Perhaps she may have even made plans to meet this person in real life on a date.

She may have gone to this date and realized that the both of them simply didn’t have the kind of chemistry that they had on the online dating website.

She may have even discovered that this person didn’t quite embody what she was looking for in a romantic partner both in a physical and psychological sense.

Hence, she is now open to meeting someone new from the online dating site.

If she has continuously shown interest in you on the online dating site by maintaining and initiating meaningful conversations with you, there is a good chance that she has yet to find anyone that she wants to be exclusive with on the online dating site.

In other words, she is still most likely open to making plans with you to meet up in real life.

Hence, making plans with her again to meet up may actually be to your advantage.

You don’t have to be bullish with it.

You can actually go about it in a relatively casual manner.

You can use something that the both of you have talked about in your conversations as an instigator.

For example, if she often talks about how much she loves going on walks or runs, you can let her know that you will be going on a walk or run that coming weekend and that she was free to join you.

You would just drop this in conversation with her very casually.

There should be no pressure to your tone and you shouldn’t belabor the offer.

Simply leave it at that and continue talking about other topics if she doesn’t respond to it.

You have already planted the seed in her mind and you did it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming in nature.

If she weren’t to address your casual invite during the course of that conversation, there is a good chance that she will bring it up at some point during a future conversation, if indeed she is interested in meeting up with you.

She may still be reeling a little bit from the bad date that she may have had earlier with the other person that she may have been interested in from the dating site.

That experience may be giving her pause in making plans with anyone new.

Indeed, she may have built this person up in her mind while communicating with them online and thought that this person would be her romantic dream.

However, things may not have turned out that way and as a result she may be playing it cautious for now.

However, you have planted the seed in her mind.

As long as you let it go and just go on with conversations as normal, she just may take you up on your offer at some future interaction.