How Do You Not Let A Conversation Die On A Dating Site?

How Do You Not Let A Conversation Die On A Dating Site?

That fear that a conversation is dying is something that a great quantity of people grapple with on a dating site.

Not again they say.

It’s that sinking feeling that the conversation is fizzling out and about to die forever.

Suddenly, in these moments, you have desperately found yourself throwing whatever topics you can think of at the person, in the hopes that the conversation doesn’t die.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

The conversation dies anyway.

Yet again, it was a match that had promise.

The conversation was riveting.

A connection was established and a date seemed imminent.

As time went by, the conversation wavered.

He wasn’t asking you as many questions as he once did, nor giving you as many compliments.

His use of romantic emojis dramatically reduced and there were longer gaps in his responses.

The panic set in, like it always does.

Desperate, you hauled whatever you could think of at the conversation in the hopes that it wouldn’t die out.

It did.

Alright, let’s decipher how to go about stopping conversations from dying on a dating site.

Firstly, don’t let a conversation go on for too long before meeting a match in person.

This is a common mistake people make on a dating site.

As a rule of thumb, don’t carry on with a conversation for more than a week without suggesting to meet in person.

Yes, that means that you might have to be the one who makes the suggestion.

As a woman, this is not a time to get too bugged down by traditional roles.

There is nothing desperate about suggesting to meet with a match in person.

Dating apps and social media has changed modern day dating.

Being online has emboldened a lot of women to make that first move, and guys online respond positively to it.

Making an aggressive move on a guy online is much different from doing so in real life.

Women are a lot more comfortable with doing this online than in real life, and you should follow their example if need be.

Once you match with a guy and realize that you have a good connection with him, you don’t have to wait for him to suggest a meeting in person.

To reiterate, as a rule of thumb, suggest meeting in person within a week of matching with him.

If you remain uncomfortable with the idea of suggesting a meeting in person, there is an alternative way to keep a conversation from dying.

Suggest moving the conversation to a different medium of communication.

In essence, take it away from the dating site.

This works in your favor on several levels.

It prevents the conversation from dying due to distractions.

Given the volume of dating options on a dating site, people are easily distracted by new matches.

Once a new conversation commences with a new match, he loses sight of the conversation he has been having with you, and inevitably, the conversation dies.

Additionally, in changing the medium of communication, you infuse new life into the conversations you are having with him.

Switching to video chatting or talking on the phone gives your conversations a new energy, and consequently, a longer shelf life.

Although changing the medium of communication has these advantages, and buys you extra time, don’t overdo it.

You are better off meeting each other in person sooner rather than later.