Who Lies More When It Comes To Online Dating Profiles – Girls Or Guys?

Who Lies More When It Comes To Online Dating Profiles - Girls Or Guys?

Girls and guys lie equally when it comes to online dating profiles.

The girls who do lie on their online dating profiles will often lie about their age and weight. The guys who do lie often lie about their height and income.

This all reflects back to how things are in the real world as far as what set of qualities are considered to be the most desired for both genders.

In the real world, most guys feel the pressure to be taller and have the big income.

In essence, be that protector and provider.

This is typically the kind of pressure that guys feel in general as they go about their lives.

They are constantly being judged on how much of a physical presence they have and how successful they are in their careers.

They are judged about whether they can be the right kind of provider and whether they have the capability to protect those close to them.

Due to this kind of pressure, guys often wish that they could be taller or make more income.

They want to fit the social expectations of the real world.

They want to be that guy that people look to and praise.

The guy that gets praise is the guy that has really found his place in the social and economic hierarchy of success.

These same guys may have also gone on dates in the real world where they felt the pressure to be more physically dominant over everyone else in the room.

They may have also felt the pressure to be more financially sound.

In other words, they may have been asked by their date about what they do for a living and what part of town they live.

If these guys didn’t feel particularly good about what stage in their lives that they were at, they may have either felt the need to lie to their date or simply find a way to divert the question.

They may have gotten asked these questions time and time again by dates that they met in the real world.

This gets them to the point where they realize how important this is to these dates.

Hence, when they decide to start online dating, they lie about their income on their online dating profiles because they believe that this is important to their potential date.

They worry that if they don’t have the right kind of income, they may not attract any good dating prospects on the dating site.

Girls will often lie about their age and weight on their online dating profiles because yet again, this is most likely where they have felt the most pressure in the real world.

In the real world, they may have constantly seen the youthful girl with the perfect weight get the best dates.

They may have been constantly reminded by friends and family that they needed to ensure that they looked fit and presentable if they were to land a good man.

They watch commercials and see advertisements everywhere of youthful, beautiful and physically fit women.

In time, those images make the girl believe that this is how she is supposed to look because this is what society is telling her is the definition of attractiveness.

This is the kind of attractiveness that will bring her the best male dating prospects.

Age and weight becomes such a part of her mindset in the real world that she cautiously watches what she eats and she takes feverish care of her skin with ointments in the hopes that she will keep it youthful.

It is with this same mentality that some girls come into online dating.

Hence, when they lie on their online dating profiles, they will often lie about age and weight in the hopes that by doing so, they can attract the best mate.