How Long Do You Give Someone You Met On An Online Dating Site To Meet You In Person?

How Long Do You Give Someone You Met On An Online Dating Site To Meet You In Person?

This typically depends on the kind of conversations that you have been having with this person.

If you both established from earlier on in your interaction online that you would both ultimately want to meet someone in person, then this is something that is understood between the both of you.

It is always good to have a period of communication where you are both getting to know each other before deciding to meet.

This period doesn’t have to last very long as long as the both of you are being consistent with communicating with each other and having substantive conversations.

It will be natural that at some point, you will both feel that it is time that the both of you meet each other in person.

If the conversations have been going well between the both of you, there should actually be a natural yearning to see each other by a certain point.

However, sometimes, one party may reach that point before the other person does.

This been said, it is not wise to take too much time to meet each other in person.

If you have been consistent and substantive in your communication with each other, you should reach the point where it is appropriate to meet within a week to two weeks.

If you have been consistent and substantive in your conversations with this person and a month has gone by without a meeting, this is too long.

As long as you have been open in answering their questions and you have put out some real effort to build rapport with the person in getting to know them, there is no real reason why meeting each other in person shouldn’t take place within a week to two week span.

If that hasn’t happened and you are now going beyond a month without having met this person in real life, there is a good chance that you may be dealing with a person who has no interest of ever meeting up.

There are people who are like this on online dating sites.

They will use up the time of other people in conversations that they have with them on online dating sites, but they have no interest in ever meeting those people.

In essence, they lead these people on.

You should never put yourself in this position.

You don’t want to waste time and effort on someone who never intends to meet anyone in person, including you.

The people that do this are often the ones who love the attention and may even have some form of social anxiety when it comes to meeting people in real life.

This is why you should give yourself a general time frame in terms of how long you are going to give someone that you met on an online dating site to meet you in person.

Again, as long as you have been consistent and substantive in your conversations, it is best to give it two weeks at the most.

It is always best to protect yourself when you are online dating.

There should be no reason why this person shouldn’t feel informed enough within this time frame to meet up with you in person. After all, it is just a meet up, you are not requesting marriage.

Though there are many honest people who truly use online dating sites in order to ultimately meet a match in person, there are a few who try to take advantage of people that are seeking love and romance by leading them on.

Make sure that you don’t end up being taken advantage of.