If You Use Dating Sites, How Long Would You Need To Know Someone Before Meeting Them?

If You Use Dating Sites, How Long Would You Need To Know Someone Before Meeting Them?

Try not to become too rigid about how long you would need to know someone before meeting them when you are using dating sites.

The length of time often depends on how the both of you have been corresponding.

You could meet someone on a dating site and end up having to take more time in getting to know that person before meeting them than someone else who may have started corresponding with someone on the dating site at the same time that you did.

This is why how long you would need to know someone on dating sites before meeting them really depends on what your interaction has been like.

The person who was able to get to know someone on dating sites and then meet them sooner than you could meet yours may have been because they had really consistent communication with the person that they were interacting with.

Both parties may have been really consistent in messaging each other, perhaps even multiple times a day.

They may have been consistent in asking each other substantive questions about each other’s lives.

They may have been consistent in being open about their lives and what kinds of activities that they are currently engaged in.

They may have even started flirting with each other much sooner than you started flirting with the person that you are talking to, if you have flirted with them at all.

They may have both learned so much about each other in a relatively short period of time because they have been so consistent in communicating with each other with no long gaps in-between.

People who correspond in this way on dating sites may end up getting to know each other so much quicker than other people who may have started communicating with each other at the same time.

It all depends on how consistently both parties have been communicating and with how much substance.

When there is a lot of substance and consistency in their conversations on dating sites, it may not take very long for them to decide to meet.

They may get to the point where they feel that they really know this other person and thereby feel comfortable in meeting with that person in real life relatively quickly.

Though you may have joined dating sites with the ultimate goal of meeting people to date, you shouldn’t allow this to influence how quickly you go about trying to get to know people on dating sites.

You should allow your conversations with people on dating sites to flow naturally.

In essence, you shouldn’t force the issue as far as wanting to get to know that person really quickly so as to expedite the process of getting to meet that person in real life.

If you don’t really feel that you have gotten a good read on how a person is, you shouldn’t try to force a meeting.

If there are questions that you have about the person, you should ask that person about them.

After all, this is why you are on dating sites.

You want to get to know people so that you can ascertain whether you would like to meet them in real life.

You shouldn’t feel awkward in asking people questions that you are curious about as long as you are obviously not being rude.

If you were to have a question about someone but you were hesitant to ask it, you may end up spending quite a bit of time communicating with that person on dating sites only to eventually discover that the person wasn’t the best match for you.

If you have a question that is important to you and helps in giving you a good idea about whether this is a person that you would actually want to meet in life, you should ask it.

Let the process of conversation happen naturally.

As long as the both of you are being consistent, substantive and open, you will know when it is time to meet in real life because it will just feel appropriate to do so.