How Long Does It Take To Get Responses On Online Dating Sites?

How Long Does It Take To Get Responses On Online Dating Sites?

How long it takes to get responses on online dating sites often depends on the quality of the messages that you send.

If you have been sending messages and not getting responses to them, you may be seriously wondering about how long it takes to get responses.

If you are noticing that you are yet to get responses to your messages, it may be because your messages aren’t compelling enough to make people want to respond to them.

You should study the kind of messages that you have been sending.

Ask yourself about whether these messages are generic in nature and do nothing to invite conversation.

Many people on online dating sites make the mistake of sending generic messages like “Hey,” “Hi, I am INSERT NAME HERE,” or “Want to chat?”

These messages rarely ever get responded to because they are simply not compelling and they do not encourage conversation.

If your messages have been in this vain, you should stop sending these kind of messages.

So as not to wait for long or into perpetuity when it comes to getting responses on online dating sites, try to send messages that relate to something significant on the other person’s online dating profile.

In other words, send this person a question about something that they wrote about on their online dating profile with a lot of passion.

When someone is passionate about a particular topic, they will often write for a longer period of time about that topic or use a lot of adjectives in their descriptions.

Adjective words like “fantastic,” “unbelievable” or “amazing” are quite commonly used when a person is describing something with passion.

Look for these kind of words within the person’s online dating profile essay.

This is one of the most effective ways to know that this person was really passionate about that particular topic.

You should then send them a message in relation to that topic.

It is always a good idea to start with an open-ended question.

An open-ended question is typically what really helps to invite conversation.

By asking this kind of question you would really give yourself the best chance of getting a prompt response.

This way, you don’t keep waiting for long just to receive a response to your messages.

Another reason why it may be taking long for you to get responses, if any, may be because you are sending messages to people who are no longer active on the online dating site.

In other words, you may be sending messages to people who have inactive online dating profiles.

Many online dating sites do not remove inactive online dating profiles.

The online dating sites that do, normally don’t remove an inactive online dating profile until it has been inactive for an extended period of time.

Hence, there is a chance that you have been sending some of your messages to people who haven’t even visited their online dating profiles in months or years.

To mitigate this, you should always check to see whether a person’s online dating profile has had recent activity before you send that person a message.

The online dating profile will normally display this information.

If you find that this person has been recently active, you can go ahead and send them a substantive message that relates to something significant that they wrote about in their online dating profile.

If you find that this person’s online dating profile hasn’t been active recently, you shouldn’t send this person a message.

Normally, if the person hasn’t logged into their online dating profile for a month or more, they are not active.

Always make a habit of doing this before sending messages to people on online dating sites.

Doing that will help in decreasing how long you are waiting to get responses on online dating sites.