What To Say In The First Message To A Girl When Online Dating?

What To Say In The First Message To A Girl When Online Dating?

Ask her an open-ended question about something significant that she wrote about on her online dating profile.

Your first message will have the strongest effect when you pick a topic out of her online dating profile that she spoke about passionately to use as your opener.

You will be able to tell how passionate a person is about a topic by how detailed they are in describing that topic.

You would also be able to tell by how they use their letters.

Sometimes they may capitalize certain words as they write about that particular topic or they may repeat a particular letter multiple times, e.g. “LOVE cycling” or “loooove cycling.”

Using an open-ended question as your first message to a girl is often what enables you to open up a conversation or discussion with her.

Guys often make the mistake of sending a statement or phrase in their first message to a girl.

They could send a first message like, “What a great profile,” or “Would love to chat,” or, “Check out my profile.”

All of these statements do very little in instigating an actual conversation.

Plus, these messages are bland and have nothing to do with her online dating profile specifically.

This is a major mistake that guys make in their first message and as a result, they will rarely get responses.

What you should say in the first message to a girl should give her the impression that you read her online dating profile and you are curious about something that she included in it that she was clearly passionate about.

Your open-ended question could reference that particular topic that she was so passionate about and you could ask her more about it.

If she described a particular hobby that she has, cycling for instance, you could ask her about the sort of trails she likes to cycle on and if she has participated in any cycling races or events.

This is a very effective first message to a girl.

It instantly lets her know that you actually read her online dating profile.

It also takes her mind to something that she really loves doing and is passionate about. This puts her mind in a happy place.

This kind of feeling is what helps in enticing her to respond to your message.

Being that you asked an open-ended question about something that she is passionate about, there is a good chance that she will respond to your message in detail and may even ask you a question in order to keep the conversation going.

You have piqued her interest.

You have set yourself apart from the majority of the other guys on the online dating site who only send her frivolous and uninspiring messages.

Something else that you can say in your first message to a girl when online dating is to ask her opinion about something.

You could still use information that you saw in her online dating profile but you would be coming at this question a little differently.

For example, she may have talked about how much she loves going to wine vineyards in her online dating profile.

You could use that opportunity to ask her if she has ever been to a particular wine vineyard that you are planning on visiting and if she has, how the wine was.

This is another excellent way to go about sending a girl a first message when online dating.

It conveys the message to her that you didn’t just read her online dating profile but you are also relating to it with something that you are planning to do in your own life.

Asking her opinion on this is simply icing on the cake.

She is now incredibly intrigued by you and may respond with a lot of information in reference to what you asked.

She may then try to keep the conversation going by asking you about how long you have had this love of wine and wine vineyards and what your favorite wine is.

This is how you can really open up conversation with a girl online.

Never only focus on the one phrase like the other guys do.

Instead, always make your first message conducive to opening up an actual conversation with her.