I Changed My Location On A Dating App And Now I Am Feeling Guilty

I Changed My Location On A Dating App And Now I Am Feeling Guilty

Minimum to poor results were your everyday lot.

You held out for as long as you had the endurance for, but it got to be too much.

This was when you decided to change your location.

You changed it to another town, city, country, etc.

Once you did this, the number of matches and messages you were receiving dramatically improved.

For a while, you were happy.

Finally, the dating app was working for you.

But, once you got to know a few of the men in the location you were pretending to be located at, you were feeling guilty.

These matches seemed like good men.

They were showing genuine interest in you with the understanding that you live in the same location.

But you don’t.

You are feeling guilty and wondering whether you should keep doing this.

How would they react when they find out that you aren’t at their location?

What if none of these matches are interested in a long distance relationship?

A desperation to receive a larger amount of matches led you to this predicament.

Now you are wondering whether you have taken it too far.

It’s never a good idea to lie about your location on a dating app.

It’s a short-term solution.

Guys on dating apps who hit it off with a match intend to meet said match, in due course.

That is why he is on a dating app.

He is seeking a partner.

Once he is asking you to meet up, what then?

You are hoping that by the time this moment arrives, he is so enamored with you, he forgives you for lying about your location on your dating profile.

This isn’t how it works.

In some circumstances, getting away with this isn’t out of the question, but it isn’t the right formula to find a partner.

Even when a match is so enamored with you, he forgives your lie and decides to date you, the relationship is doomed to fail.

He wasn’t looking for a long distance relationship when he signed up on the dating app.

Though he has fallen for you online, he has agreed to the long distance relationship based on his immediate emotions.

Over time, without your physical presence close by, his emotions dissipate.

To reiterate, he was never prepared for a long distance relationship.

His mind and body weren’t prepared for it.

When he matched with you, he thought you were located where he was.

You weren’t.

He grew to like you as he communicated with you, and chose to forgive you when you revealed that you don’t live in the same town, city, country, etc.

This is when his immediate emotions for you are getting the best of him.

Once the reality of the long distance hits him, his emotions for you won’t be enough to keep his interest.

You see, you end up losing anyway, even in a situation where a guy chooses to forgive you for lying about your location.

Why put yourself through this, and worse, put an innocent guy through this?

It is selfish.

Think about moving to a new location, if your current location is that bereft of people to match with.

Changing your location and pretending that you live somewhere you don’t doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run.