Online Dating: How Do I Keep Myself From Getting Overly Invested In A Guy Too Quickly?

Online Dating: How Do I Keep Myself From Getting Overly Invested In A Guy Too Quickly?

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

You are excited about this guy but you barely know him.

No matter how much it feels as though you have known him forever, thanks to your hours-long conversations on the phone and a few dates, you don’t.

There is so much more to still learn about him.

Many women fall into the trap of overly investing in a guy too quickly, based on how good that guy makes them feel.

He is a relief.

She hasn’t had that much success meeting compatible men on the dating site until this guy.

He is like a breath of fresh air.

Finally, someone worth her time.

Someone handsome and great at conversation.

Someone fun and spontaneous.

Someone that makes her feel relaxed and at ease.

Someone that makes her feel safe.

It is so easy for a woman to slip into becoming overly invested in a guy like this without even being all that aware of it.

It just feels natural.

Nothing feels forced.

He just gets her and is literally the perfect package.

This is what she has been waiting for.

Awareness of your emotions is paramount.

This is where a few minutes of guided mindfulness meditation every day goes a long way.

It helps you become a lot more mindful of your thoughts and emotions.

The more aware you are of your thoughts and emotions, the easier it is for you to identify when you are becoming too prematurely attached to someone.

What you need to understand is that so much of what makes you become overly invested in a guy too quickly, comes from how good he makes you feel.

That feeling is caused by neurotransmitters in your brain such as dopamine and serotonin that elevate your levels of happiness, optimism and satisfaction.

They literally have the effect that artificial drugs do and like artificial drugs, their effect is tremendously addicting.

The more awareness you have on a daily basis, the more likely you catch yourself when those warm, happy feelings that are instigated by thoughts about this guy become a prevalent force within your consciousness.

The feeling is amazing but by letting it persist, you are only perpetuating the likelihood that you become overly invested in this guy too quickly.

Like a drug addict trying to quit the habit, you need to quickly distance or divorce yourself from that happy, euphoric feeling when it creeps into your consciousness affecting not just your mind but the rest of your body.

Instead of allowing that energy to dwell, direct your consciousness to something else.

A totally unrelated thought.

A task or activity that needs to get done.

A project that you need to complete.

An errand that you need to run.

Get into the habit of redirecting.

Doing this habitually keeps you from settling into that happy, euphoric feeling that arises within you whenever you think about this guy or talk to him.

Got it?

Let’s quickly go over this again.

There are three main things that you need to do to keep yourself from getting overly invested in this guy too quickly.

Understand that you barely know him and still have a lot to learn about him.

Practice more awareness of your emotions and thoughts on a daily basis.

Redirect your thoughts to something completely irrelevant when that happy, euphoric feeling starts permeating into your consciousness and the rest of your body.

There is no rush, no matter how badly you feel the need to get into a relationship with this seemingly perfect match.

Take this time to vet each other thoroughly and if indeed he is the right one for you, you have the rest of your lives to be obsessed with one another.