I Decided To Create An Account For Online Dating And Exchanged Numbers But Now I Have Second Thoughts?

I Decided To Create An Account For Online Dating And Exchanged Numbers But Now I Have Second Thoughts?

There was an intended reason why you created an online dating account and exchanged numbers with someone.

The second thoughts that you are now having may have more to do with your newness and lack of experience with online dating than anything else.

At this point in time, you may not be entirely sure about how to go about it.

You may not have even joined the online dating site with a lot of confidence or certainty to begin with.

You may have still maintained this uncertain mindset when you started interacting with this person on the online dating site.

By the time that the person asked you to exchange numbers with them, you may have felt compelled to do so but you may not have been entirely certain that you truly wanted to do that.

However, you did it anyway and now you are in a position where you are having second thoughts.

It is understandable to be in this position, especially when you weren’t quite sure about doing this whole online dating thing to begin with.

In a situation like this, you should ask yourself whether you truly like this person and are interested in getting to know them.

If you feel that you do, you don’t have to start your interaction with this person through phone calls.

You can start a little easier by exchanging text messages with this person.

This will allow you to feel less pressure when interacting with them.

The fact that you were at least tempted or compelled to exchange numbers with this person on the online dating site would indicate that there was something about this person that intrigued you to start with.

Try to think about what that was.

It may help you better deal with your second thoughts.

Think about the qualities of this person that you like.

Also, think about how this person has made you feel so far.

If you believe that there are qualities that this person has that you can identify with and that you tend to feel comfortable when you interact with this person online, there is a good chance that you will feel the same way when you interact with this person through your exchanged numbers.

You should also take this time to ask yourself whether you truly want to give online dating a real try.

If you only created your online dating account out of curiosity but you weren’t truly intent on finding a partner to date, you may have to bring yourself to this realization quickly.

It wouldn’t be prudent to begin communicating with this person via the phone only to discover later on that your heart was never into this whole online dating thing in the first place.

This would end up being a waste of time for both you and this other person that you exchanged numbers with.

Hence, being that you are having second thoughts, it is important that you truly consider this first.

If you believe that you never truly created your online dating account with the intent of meeting someone to date and that you should have never done it in the first place, you would be better off sending this person an email and letting them know that you don’t have any intention of doing online dating and you wish them the best.

However, if you feel that you want to truly give online dating a try, then starting with perhaps texting this person back and forth will help to gauge just how interested you are in this person.

If things go well as the both of you communicate via text, you may get comfortable enough to want to talk to the person via phone calls.

If things continue to go well, you may ultimately want to even meet this person in real life.