Is It Unrealistic To Think You Might Be Able To Meet Someone Without Going The Online Dating Route Anymore?

Is It Unrealistic To Think You Might Be Able To Meet Someone Without Going The Online Dating Route Anymore?

It isn’t unrealistic.

There was a time when online dating sites didn’t exist.

People were still meeting each other and dating back then.

The problem isn’t that online dating is the only route to be able to meet someone.

The problem is that, due to its convenience and ease, a number of people have chosen to make online dating the only route by which they can meet someone.

In essence, people have decided to make online dating their sole means of finding dates.

The problem with this is that if you were to try online dating and fail at it, or just not get the results that you wanted, you may feel absolutely stuck.

However, you really aren’t stuck.

Remember that there was a time when online dating sites didn’t exist and yet people were still meeting and going out on dates with each other.

When you allow online dating sites to become your only route of meeting someone to date, you put all of your eggs in one basket.

You, in essence, hand over your fate to online dating in the hopes that it will come through for you.

This is unrealistic.

Online dating isn’t going to work for everyone.

You have to understand the importance of diversifying.

You may be a person that is just better built for face to face interaction in the real world.

Even if you were to join an online dating site and receive messages, you may be the kind of person that would find it hard to connect with those people because they are strangers and you haven’t met them face to face.

This may just innately be the person you are.

Perhaps you have tried and tried to open yourself up to these people that send you messages but you just aren’t able.

This may mean that you are more suited to finding people to date in the real world than you are with trying to do that in the process of online dating.

There is nothing wrong with this.

It isn’t unrealistic to find yourself in this position.

Several people have found themselves in this position.

Understandably, it can be hard to accept this for some people because online dating has become so popular and so many people seem to be finding their significant others from it.

Hence, there may be a degree of disappointment due to the fact that you have not been able to make those connections work and come out of online dating with what everyone else seems to be coming out of it with.

It is not unrealistic that you would think in this way and thereby wonder if it is possible for you to meet someone without having to go the online dating route anymore.

This is a time of reflection for you.

You have tried online dating and you most likely haven’t found the success you wanted.

There is nothing wrong with looking to the real world to try to meet someone.

You may have never even been in the right head space or mindset to have started online dating in the first place.

Online dating wasn’t designed to be the only route for people to meet potential dates.

It was designed to merely be another tool in this process.

You may indeed come back to online dating at a time you feel adequate and open to it.

But for now, there is nothing wrong nor unrealistic with thinking about trying to meet someone through the route of the real world.