Online Dating: How’d Your First Date Go?

Online Dating: How'd Your First Date Go?

Some first dates go well and some others don’t.

The people who tend to have the most success with the first date are the ones who don’t get carried away with expectations.

People can often get carried away with expectations for that first date based on how well their interaction has been going with the person that they are interested in online.

Interactions that go this well online can often make people start having very strong expectations for that first date.

The problem with building these kind of expectations is that your mind may really build this person up too much.

You may really expect this person to be everything that you have ever wanted in a person.

You may expect your chemistry with this person when you meet them on the first date to be really electric.

This may inevitably cause you to become nervous.

Hence, when that first date happens, it may not go very well because you were too nervous to begin with.

As a result, you may have acted uncharacteristically or you may have given the other person the impression that they were making you uneasy.

Hence, that first date may not go very well at all.

Even if you are able not to be too nervous during the first date, the expectations that you have built up in your mind may lead you to premature disappointment during your first date.

You may not be feeling the amazing chemistry with this person during that first date that you felt with them while communicating online.

You may make a premature assessment that this first date isn’t going very well and just won’t work out based on that.

However, the other person may actually be nervous.

They may sense that you have all of these expectations and that may be making them feel uneasy.

As a result, they may not be acting as loosely as they normally would have if they weren’t feeling that kind of pressure.

Overblown expectations for that first date is often what can mislead a person to believe that they don’t have chemistry with someone when in fact they do.

When you add the fact that the weight of your expectations may have made your date uneasy, plus the fact that some people simply have first date jitters, you shouldn’t simply surmise that your first date didn’t go well and thereby all is lost.

Do understand that whenever you approach a first date with a lot of nerves or overblown expectations, you could inadvertently jeopardize a date that could have actually been your best match.

The people who tend to have first dates that go well tend to be very realistic about how that first date is going to go.

They know that no one is perfect and thereby there is a good chance that both parties may make mistakes during the first date.

They come to the first date with this kind of mentality.

They don’t allow themselves to get carried away with the high emotions that they may have felt for the person during their interaction with the person on the online dating site.

They understand that there can be a true difference between interacting with someone on an online dating site and interacting with that same person in real life.

They hope that their date also understands this and doesn’t put too much pressure on how this date should go.

When you approach your first date with this kind of mentality, there is a much better chance that your first date will go well.