A Guy I Was Dating From A Dating Website Reappears After Ghosting Me For 3 Months?

A Guy I Was Dating From A Dating Website Reappears After Ghosting Me For 3 Months?

This guy that you were dating may have ghosted you out of a loss of interest in you.

Being that you met him on a dating website, there is a good chance that he was simultaneously talking to other girls at that time.

He may have chosen to date you because you caught more of his interest than the other girls did.

There may have been something about you that set you apart from the other girls on the dating website at the time.

However, he may have ultimately gotten bored with his relationship with you.

It wasn’t necessarily because of anything egregiously bad that you may have done.

It may have simply been because he didn’t feel that there was much else that he was interested in getting to know about you.

Perhaps whatever it was that had initially made him choose to date you had worn itself out or no longer excited him.

As a result, he chose to ghost you.

He didn’t feel the need to let you know why he wanted to end the relationship because he may not have been sure about whether this would be a permanent end to the relationship.

In other words, he may not have wanted to officially end the relationship.

In his own way of thinking, he may have felt that ghosting you would still give him the opportunity to possibly come back to you in the future, if he were to change his mind.

Now, he has reappeared in your life after ghosting you for 3 months because he may be exercising that option.

He may have already tried getting back on the dating website that the both of you met in order to find new girls to date.

However, he may not have had much luck.

He may have gone out on a few dates with a few girls but nothing came from it.

He may have realized that he was simply getting nowhere with these girls.

Hence, he started thinking about you.

He never officially ended the relationship with you because he didn’t want to completely close out the possibility that he could come back.

He chooses to use this opportunity to reappear back into your life after ghosting you for 3 months.

It is very important that you understand that this guy has no respect for you and is very self-centered.

This guy that you were dating from a dating website never had the common decency to let you know that he was ending the relationship.

He just ghosted you.

This is not the kind of guy that you should let back into your life and start dating again.

By ghosting you the first time, he was showing that he was all about his own needs and desires.

This is the kind of mindset that he has.

In reappearing after ghosting you for 3 months, he is further showing how selfish he is.

He just expects you to take him back as though nothing happened.

This is often a sign of a narcissistic guy.

It is all about him and what a girl can do for him.

It is never about how he can address a girl’s needs and fulfill them.

If you were to make the mistake of taking this guy back, you would run the risk of him ghosting you again at some point in the foreseeable future.

Taking him back would show him that he can get away with this kind of behavior.

Hence, he will be prone to doing it again.

If this were to happen, you would be even more devastated.

You would have spent time investing in him emotionally only to become disappointed once again.

It is best to stay away from this guy and avoid responding to any of his messages.