I Feel Like I Am Talking To Too Many Girls From Online Dating Sites?

I Feel Like I Am Talking To Too Many Girls From Online Dating Sites?

You may not really know what you want.

You may have joined the online dating site without a clear idea of what exactly it is that you are looking for.

Perhaps you thought that you would figure it out.

You may have made yourself believe that once you started online dating, you would somehow get clarity about what you want.

However, that may not have happened.

In fact, you may have further exacerbated the situation by talking to too many girls at the same time from online dating sites.

You may have chosen to do this because you felt that you would have the best chance of finding what you want if you were to talk to as many girls as possible at the same time.

However, all that has done may have led to even more confusion on your part.

You should take a step back and ask yourself about what it is that you truly want from online dating.

Is it a long-term relationship?

Perhaps a casual relationship?

Maybe even just a friend?

There has to be something that you want.

That is why you joined these online dating sites in the first place.

Even if you weren’t sure of what it was at the time, there was probably some hunger within you.

Ask yourself where that hunger was coming from.

What is the void in your life that you are currently trying to fill?

When you are able to answer these questions, you will be able to have more clarity.

By talking to too many girls from online dating sites, you may end up with none at all.

In other words, you would be dividing your time across too many possibilities thereby making it that much more difficult to show these women who you really are.

In essence, every one of these many girls would only be getting bits and pieces of your personality because there are just too many of them to keep up with.

Your best option right now may be to think about all of these girls and ask yourself about which ones you feel that you have had the best connection with.

If you really thought this through, you would know that out of all those many girls that you are talking to, there are only going to be but a few that you truly feel the strongest connection with.

Instead of continuously adding onto the pile of girls that you are already talking to from online dating sites, tailor the number of girls down to only a few that you have had the best connection with.

Focus on these girls from here on out.

This will make it that much easier for you to truly show these fewer girls what your personality is all about.

It will also give you a lot less stress.

It can be very stressful trying to keep up with all those many girls that you have been talking to from online dating sites.

That stress can actually lead to you having some bitter or vituperative exchanges with some of these girls because you are offloading some of that stress on them.

Having tailored down the number of girls you are talking to, you will decrease the stress because you would only be focused on the few that you have the best connection with.

Thereby, they will get the best of your personality.

This is how you could ultimately get to finding the one girl that you truly want to call your girlfriend.