Online Dating: Should I Be Completely Open About What I Want Or Mysterious?

Online Dating: Should I Be Completely Open About What I Want Or Mysterious?

Be completely open.

You will get better matches by so doing.

Being mysterious has its place, but not on an online dating site.

People on the online dating site need to get a good sense of what it is that you want.

This way, if they feel that they want the same, they can open themselves up to you.

If you are being mysterious about what you want on the online dating website, people may be more guarded whenever they interact with you.

People do worry about opening themselves up to someone only to have their hearts broken.

If you are being mysterious with what you want, they may worry that if they were to open themselves up to you, you may take advantage of that.

They wouldn’t want to put themselves in that position.

Hence, they become guarded and will only reveal as much as you reveal.

This kind of interaction can be really fruitless.

It may get to the point where it becomes like a power struggle between the both of you.

You don’t want to give in and open up and neither do they.

Hence, the both of you forget about what is most important upon meeting on an online dating site, getting to know each other.

Instead, you start contending.

Neither one of you wants to be the one that ends up completely opening up and being left brokenhearted as a result.

You two may keep this up until there is a stalemate.

You have now spent all this time being mysterious with one another and you have both ended up empty-handed.

Hence, it is never a good idea to avoid being completely open about what you want when online dating.

Being completely open may initially seem intimidating.

Perhaps you don’t want to really put yourself out there.

Perhaps you worry that if you were to be this open, people may judge you for it.

However, it is in your best interest to be completely open because that is what will typically attract the right kind of matches to you on the dating site.

These matches will appreciate your openness and will also take your lead by being open with you.

They have found commonality with you and this makes it that much easier for them to be honest with you in their interaction with you.

This kind of complete openness breeds honesty in your interactions with people on the dating website.

These are the best kind of interactions because they ensure that you are both working towards something.

You are both of the same mindset and thereby you are both going to be more open to being honest with each other about other facets of your lives and personalities.

When you avoid being mysterious about what you want, you give yourself the best chance of finding your match quicker.

You also make it easier for them to find you because there will be specific wants that they would be seeking that they may find in you.

Hence, try not to worry about what the general population of the online dating site is going to think about you because you are being completely open.

You get the best results in online dating when you interact with specific individuals who match with you as opposed to trying to appeal to the vast majority.