I Met A Guy Through An Online Dating Service And Went Out Twice. Why Hasn’t He Asked Me Out Again?

I Met A Guy Through An Online Dating Service And Went Out Twice. Why Hasn't He Asked Me Out Again?

Going out twice with you was enough for him to determine how he felt about you.

To him, the second date didn’t go well or didn’t go as well as he would have liked.

As a result, he may no longer want to go out on dates with you and would much rather find someone else to date through the online dating service.

There may be something that happened on the second date that turned him off.

He may have enjoyed the first date enough to want a second. However, that second date may have led him to believe that the both of you aren’t compatible.

He may not ask you out again for this reason.

Due to his experience on the second date, he now knows that there is a particular issue with your character or lifestyle that he doesn’t like and has chosen not to go out on any further dates with you.

Try to think back on the events that occurred on that second date.

There may have been a point during that second date where he may not have seemed as responsive to your questions or may have just seemed out of it.

He may have had brief moments like this sprinkled throughout the second date.

These were most likely the moments where he felt unhappy about his second date with you.

He may not have voiced what was concerning him so as to remain civil, but these were probably the moments that led him to believe that he shouldn’t ask you out again.

It may have been something that you said or did.

You may have had no idea that you affected him negatively.

You may not have noticed these moments.

If you did, you may have surmised that those moments were brought about because he is a relatively moody person.

Regardless, thinking back to moments during the second date where he seemed unhappy or not quite into his date with you would probably be where you can pinpoint the reason why he hasn’t asked you out again.

You may have gone out twice with this guy that you met through an online dating service but do understand that there is a strong likelihood that he has also been out with other girls at the same time.

Being that you met this guy through an online dating service, he is most likely also talking to other girls who are using the service.

He may have been out on a few dates with another girl at around the same time period that he went out on his two dates with you.

Though everything may have gone well in his dates with you, he may have decided to focus more of his attention on the other girl who went out on dates with him around the same time.

He may feel that he has a stronger connection to this other girl than he has with you.

As a result, he may have chosen not to ask you out again because he wants to dedicate more time to dating and getting to know this other girl.

This tends to happen quite often when you meet people through an online dating service.

Some of them will go out on dates with multiple people within the same time period.

They will compare those dates and ask themselves about which ones they felt had the best connection with them or were the most compatible to them.

They may decide to start focusing on those particular dates and abandon the others.

Hence, though you may have gone out twice with this guy that you met through an online dating service, the fact that he hasn’t asked you out again may have had nothing to do with anything wrong that you may have said or done.

Again, he may have actually enjoyed those two dates. It is just that someone else may have won him over even more and now he is choosing to focus on that person.