I Went On A Date With A Girl That I Met On An Online Dating Website And She Didn’t Want Me To Kiss Her Goodnight?

I Went On A Date With A Girl That I Met On An Online Dating Website And She Didn't Want Me To Kiss Her Goodnight?

She may not have been into you.

The date may not have gone well for her.

Though you may have had a really good back and forth conversation with her on an online dating website, she may not have felt any chemistry with you in real life.

As a result, she didn’t want you to kiss her goodnight.

This is not uncommon.

Two people may have a really easy time talking to each other on an online dating website but when they meet on a date, they don’t always share that kind of chemistry.

You may have sensed that she wasn’t entirely comfortable throughout the date.

That level of discomfort may have grown as the date wore on and she worried about whether you would try to kiss her goodnight at the end of it.

If you really take a look back on the date, you will probably be able to pick out moments where she just seemed uneasy.

Conversation may not have flowed as easily as it did on the online dating website.

Again, this is not something that is uncommon when two people who met on an online dating website ultimately meet on a real life date.

She may had high hopes for this date, just as you did.

Hence, she was hoping that there would be a romantic spark between the both of you.

After all, that is why she bothered coming to the date in the first place.

She wanted it to work out.

Perhaps she hoped that the chemistry would happen as the date progressed.

She may have been really hoping for that.

However, this didn’t happen.

By the time you both arrived at the end of the date, she may have already known that you enjoyed the date more than she did.

Perhaps you were still asking her good questions about herself and making some genuine attempts to keep her entertained.

This may have made her feel that much more sad about the fact that she just didn’t feel a romantic spark with you.

At this stage, she was hoping that you wouldn’t try to go for the goodnight kiss.

However, she prepared herself mentally for the strong possibility that you would.

When you went for it, she may have turned her head.

Try not to take this personally.

Until you actually get to meet someone in person, you never really know whether the both of you will share real life chemistry.

When you meet someone from on online dating website on a date in the future, always keep your expectations tempered.

Try not to get carried away with how well the conversation went with this person on an online dating website.

This helps to lessen the sense of disappointment if the both of you were not to connect romantically on the date.

Another reason why this girl that you met on an online dating website didn’t want you to kiss her goodnight at the end of the date could also be because she doesn’t kiss on a first date.

There are girls who actually live by that as a rule.

They worry that if they were to kiss the guy on a first date, they may come off as too easy or unladylike.

Perhaps you noticed that she had a more conservative nature to her as you interacted with her on the date.

She may have seemed a lot more free and open when you were talking to her on the online dating website.

You may not have been expecting her to be this conservative upon meeting her on a date in real life.

It is easier for people to be more free and open when they are chatting with a person through cyberspace.

However, it doesn’t mean that the person isn’t conservative in real life.

If this was the type of girl that you ended up meeting on this first date, she may still be interested in going out on another date with you.

You just have to realize that this is most likely a girl that you will have to woo for a longer period of time than you may be used to.