If A Guy’s First Message To You On A Dating App Is, “You’re Crazy Hot”, Is That Enough To Make You Unmatch?

If A Guy's First Message To You On A Dating App Is, "You're Crazy Hot", Is That Enough To Make You Unmatch?

When you are on a dating app to find a long-term serious relationship, receiving first messages from guys saying, “You’re crazy hot,” should be an instant red flag.

A guy like this is immediately honing in on your looks.

Right from the beginning, he is demonstrating that he is totally stuck on that.

This isn’t a guy that took the time to read your dating profile and send you a message in reference to it.

His very first message to you was about his superficial desires.

Unmatching a guy like this should be an automatic.

Again, as long as you are someone in search of a committed relationship, it is warranted to unmatch a guy like this.

Normally, his dating profile gives away his intentions.

There are a number of superficial photos on it without much substance.

His bio is just as bad.

It’s just talk about how much fun of a guy he is, but there isn’t anything that gives you a deeper sense of who he is as a person.

A candidate for a long-term relationship doesn’t send a first message to you proclaiming that you are crazy hot.

He is primarily concerned with who you are as a person.

Sure, he sees that you are attractive, but he doesn’t dwell on that.

He wants to know about you as a person.

Instead of sending a message that is about your looks, he sends one that he has genuine curiosity about.

He asks you an open-ended question in reference to specific information you provided in your bio.

His message is well-thought-out, even fairly long. Upon reading it, you instantly know that he took his time to construct it and he actually read your dating profile.

This being said, have a look at the tenor of your photos.

A dating profile that is filled with a bunch of sexy photos or photos with you in outfits that show off your body a lot, attracts the wrong guys.

I know, you think that sexy photo of you in your favorite bikini on the beach is so nice.

That’s fair, but you are on a dating app.

Many men intent on looking for hookups on dating apps are drawn to dating profiles with this tenor, like bees to honey, markedly fixated on your looks over who you are as a person.

Being that you are on a dating app to seek out a committed relationship, refrain from posting photos that have you looking sexy or in outfits that show off your physicality.

Save those for your social media, friends, and hopefully, a future partner.

Dating apps attract a lot of men who are looking for hookups, even though they lie about wanting to find a committed relationship on their dating profiles.

Once they see a dating profile with sexy photos, they struggle to hide the lie.

There is an instinctive push within them to message the girl and comment on her physicality.

You can’t completely avoid receiving messages from men like this, but you can reduce the frequency of it by posting more conservative photos of yourself on a dating app.