Online Dating: When You Have A First Date That Was Just Okay?

Online Dating: When You Have A First Date That Was Just Okay?

After a period of time of talking on a dating app, you two finally met.

You thought that fireworks would explode the moment you two locked eyes at the date, but it didn’t.

The first date was pleasant enough.

The conversation flowed fairly well and there were some good laughs.

But, those fireworks never happened.

It just seemed so weird to share such amazing chemistry on the dating app, only to meet on a first date that was mediocre at best.

You were disappointed, and now, you are wondering about what to do next.

The first date was decent but it wasn’t what you were expecting.

You have a feeling that this person is going to want to go on another date but you don’t know if that is such a good idea.

That first date was just okay and nothing special.

What would be the point of going on a second date when you were left with such a lackluster feeling after the first?

The idea of a second date doesn’t give you any excitement.

Yet, you don’t believe that you were expecting the world.

You weren’t.

You were simply hoping for a bigger spark.

What happens now?

How do you tell this person that you don’t want a second date?

Do you even continue communicating with this person as though that first date didn’t leave a weak impression on you?

To start off with, consider the possibility that the two of you were nervous on the first date.

Not everyone is confident on a first date.

When you two were chatting on the dating app, it was easier to generate chemistry.

It was being conducted over the internet, a medium that provides a degree of impartiality.

People are livelier on dating apps in comparison to how they behave in early conversations with a new dating prospect that they met in a real life venue.

After multiple enjoyable conversations online, expectations build up for that first date, causing a natural tendency to clamp up when it arrives.

A pressure cooker sensation so to speak.

Is there a probability that the first date didn’t have the fireworks you were expecting because of the sheer amount of nervousness that was occurring from the two parties on the date?

If you determine that there was, it isn’t a bad idea to reconsider going on a second date so as to be absolutely certain of your compatibility with this person.

As advantageous as dating apps have been in providing people with an avenue to finding a partner, it has also created a nasty habit of impatience in people.

People are less willing to give someone they talk to or meet on a date a fair shot the moment something seems off or an expectation isn’t met.

Is this you?

It might be.

Before ditching this guy and getting back to your matches, think about giving him another date.

Two people that meet on a second date aren’t as nervous as they were on their first.

With less nerves hampering the energy of a date, you have a better barometer on whether you two share real life compatibility.