Online Dating: Pros And Cons Of Deleting An Account And Creating A New One?

Online Dating: Pros And Cons Of Deleting An Account And Creating A New One?

Having reached a stage where you aren’t receiving any matches on a dating app, you are pondering whether deleting your current account and creating a new one is the best avenue.

You are tired of waiting around, hoping to receive matches that never arrive week after week.

It wasn’t perpetually like this.

Your first month was fairly decent.

You received matches.

But, as the weeks have gone by, the volume of matches received has drastically reduced to nothing more than a trickle now.

The idea in deleting your account is to have a fresh start with a clean slate.

You want it to appear as though you are brand new to the dating app.

This reasoning makes a degree of sense.

Dating apps typically send the most matches to their newer accounts versus their older ones.

This is why you received considerably more matches when you first joined the dating app than what you were receiving a month or so later.

So yes, there is merit to this line of thinking. Nevertheless, it is just a temporary fix.

In deleting your account on the dating app and creating a new one, you have succeeded in making the dating app’s algorithm think that you are a brand new member.

This opens you up to receiving a new set of matches.

Notwithstanding, in a few short weeks, the same thing is destined to happen.

You are bound to be receiving less and less matches until they grind to a halt.

You are right back where you started.

Now, you may think that at least you were receiving matches for a few weeks and that’s better than where you were before you deleted your account and created a new one.

True, but if you haven’t found a partner in the time frame in which you are receiving those matches, you are back to square one again.

So what are you going to do this time?

Delete your account and create yet another new one?

The problem with that is that dating apps are smart and adaptable.

It won’t take long before it figures out that these new accounts are being created by the same person.

The next time you delete your account and create a new one, the dating app is the wiser.

You won’t be receiving a whole new batch of matches.

You are right back to where you were before, receiving next to none.

The better long-term strategy is to make improvements to your existing dating profile.

There are naturally going to be ebbs and flows in how often you receive matches on a dating app, but as long as you have a quality dating profile, you are always a target for quality matches.

Focus on the quality of your dating profile.

Upload lots of exciting photos that showcase your lifestyle.

Write a bio that is both witty and insightful.

This makes you sound like a human being with a personality as opposed to a robot regurgitating bullet points.

People want to see personality in your bio.

Be active on the dating apps at times that most people are logging in.

This is normally between 6pm and 10pm.

This gives your dating profile much greater exposure which then increases the number of people who want to match with you.

Constantly update your dating profile and bio with new photos and additional details about you.

This gives the dating app’s algorithm fresh content to review on a regular basis which tells the dating app that you are a proactive member.

As a consequence, your dating profile receives greater promotion by the algorithm to other members.

The basic gist here is, concentrate on constantly improving the quality of your dating profile versus constantly deleting and creating new accounts.

Constantly deleting and creating new accounts may get you a new batch of matches for a short while, but it isn’t a good long-term strategy.