Questions Men Love To Be Asked When Starting A Conversation Online?

Questions Men Love To Be Asked When Starting A Conversation Online?

Men often like to be asked about topics that they are passionate about when starting a conversation online.

You should use his online dating profile to help guide you.

Find certain topics that he talked about on his online dating profile with a lot of passion.

Use these topics to ask these men questions.

These are the topics that will resonate most with these men.

Hence, they will be more prone to answer your question.

There are lots of men who love sports.

If you read his dating profile and notice that he talks about his love for a particular football or basketball team, you can ask him a question about that team when starting conversation online.

Even if this may be a topic that you aren’t naturally that interested in or you may care nothing for that particular team, by asking him a question about that team, you would be instantly connecting with him.

He would feel a sense of instant connection to you due to your question.

You would pique his interest.

You don’t have to love sports to ask him a question about it.

You are merely beginning the process of starting a conversation online.

This is simply one of the ways that you are going about getting his attention and enticing him to respond to your question.

From here, you may both go on to talk about other topics, some of which you may actually have a true personal interest in.

Questions men love to be asked when starting a conversation online can be questions that relate to something that they are really skilled at.

Men really love it when they are looked at as a source of knowledge about something.

Again, using his online dating profile to guide you with this question can truly help.

For example, if he demonstrated that he has a lot of knowledge about camping in his online dating profile, you can use this as a way to ask for his advice about something related to camping.

You may ask him about some of the best places to camp as you are also a camping enthusiast and you haven’t had much luck with finding the best camping locations.

By asking him for advice in an area that he has indicated proficiency in, you would be giving him a question that he loves.

He gets to show his knowledge by telling you about the best places to camp and why.

You could even take this question further by asking him about the quickest way to go about building a tent as you are always taking far too much time than you would like whenever you have to build one.

This is a technical question.

Many guys love being asked technical questions.

A question that requires them to explain how something is built or put together can be absolutely irresistible to a lot of guys.

They get to speak with confidence about it and feel important.

This is how you can get a lot of guys to feel really good about responding to your question.

It makes them feel needed and guys do love feeling needed.

Questions men love to be asked when starting a conversation online can be questions about an unusual hobby that they may have.

Use their online dating profiles to get some ideas.

If they wrote about something that they really enjoy doing that is quite unusual or not so commonplace, you can pinpoint this as something that you can ask about in the form of a question.

Men love it when they are asked questions about something unusual that they enjoy doing because it makes them feel as though you get them.

Not only did you take notice of that unusual hobby but you took the time to ask them about it.

This makes them feel like you are someone that they will probably be able to get along with.

Men love it when they feel like they are interacting with a woman who won’t judge them.

By asking them a question about an unusual hobby, you are indicating that you merely want to know more.

This makes him feel that much more special.