Online Dating: Chatting Via Messenger Or Email. What Is The Recommendation?

Online Dating: Chatting Via Messenger Or Email. What Is The Recommendation?

Chatting via messenger triumphs over email.

Messenger allows the both of you to speak in more of a conversational tone.

Since this is a cyberspace medium, the more natural a conversation feels and flows, the easier it will be for the both of you to become more comfortable with each other.

People often make the mistake of only chatting through email because it feels safer.

They believe that chatting through email gives them the time to really construct their words so that they don’t say something that could turn off the other person.

The problem with this mentality and hence why email isn’t recommended over messenger is that it is best to show your true self when you are communicating with someone online.

Even though you may stumble in certain things that you say, that is all part of the process.

In the end, you are hoping to connect with someone that likes you for you.

That is the point.

If you were to carefully prepare everything you say without ever being spontaneous and natural in how you talk, you may totally misrepresent yourself.

Hence, this fear of showing who you truly are needs to end.

When you are chatting with someone online via messenger, you have the opportunity to talk to this person the way you would someone you would have met in life.

When you meet someone in life, you tend to be more natural.

You speak in a conversational tone.

Unlike chatting via email, you don’t watch every single word you say and think through each sentence in your mind intensely before finally speaking.

On the contrary, when you chat with someone in real life, you speak with fluidity and have spontaneous responses to whatever the person may have said.

This gives the person a real opportunity to get a good idea of what your personality is like.

It also helps them to feel at ease because they can tell that you are simply being yourself.

This enables the conversation to flow with more lightheartedness and enjoyment.

This is very similar to how a conversation would be with someone that you are communicating with online via messenger.

It is more natural.

It puts both parties at ease after a short period of time.

It allows the both of you to respond spontaneously to whatever was said without a delay.

If you were to chat via email with this person, the conversation would have more unnatural gaps.

There would be a lack of spontaneity because the both of you aren’t communicating live.

You would overthink every email response you send because you may be worried about how they would react to it.

This in turn would make you more cautious with your responses and as a result, you wouldn’t be able to be yourself and just communicate naturally.

You are on the online dating site to connect with someone who likes your personality.

It will be hard for anyone to get a real gauge for your personality when it comes through staccato email messages that are overprepared.