Is Long Hair A Disadvantage For Men When It Comes To Online Dating? Should I Try A Different Look?

Is Long Hair A Disadvantage For Men When It Comes To Online Dating? Should I Try A Different Look?

Long hair is not a disadvantage for men when it comes to online dating.

If that is the hairstyle that you are comfortable wearing, then you are fine.

You will attract the person that is right for you.

You do not have to attract everyone on an online dating site. That actually wouldn’t be healthy, even if it was possible.

If having long hair is important to you and is a big part of who you are, you shouldn’t feel that having it is a disadvantage and that you should try a different look.

Again, you are on an online dating site in order to attract the right kind of person for you, not to attract everyone.

In other words, even if some people may be turned off by your long hair, that doesn’t mean that other people won’t be turned on by it.

You may be wondering if you should try a different look because you haven’t had much luck with getting dates from online dating sites so far.

However, before you start focusing on your long hair as the root of the problem, you should take a look at some other highly important areas.

Your online dating profile is the first place that you should look at.

You should ensure that it is completely filled out and has a descriptive online dating profile essay.

The best kinds of online dating profile essays are the ones where you infuse your personality and give people a detailed picture about some of your experiences.

In essence, instead of merely writing bullet points about what your personality is like or what you have experienced, you actually tell stories.

This is how you make people who visit your online dating profile feel that much more connected to you.

It enables them to envision what you are talking about as though they were there.

This truly enhances the effect you have on people who visit your online dating profile and they will be more prone to message you as a result.

Also, though you may have long hair and you are wondering whether you should try a different look, your long hair may have nothing to do with why your online dating profile photos may not be appealing to people.

If you only have photos of your face or yourself posing somewhere, these will have very little effect in making people want to connect with you and possibly date you at some point.

Your online dating profile photos should tell a story about you and your life.

You should not only have a good primary photo of your face, you should also have a lot of other photos that show you engaged in activities that you love.

These online dating profile photos need to be of good quality.

Avoid posting photos that show you in the distance or within a group.

Photos like this will make it hard to make out where you are and they will also give people the impression that you are hiding.

When people sense that you are hiding, it makes them feel like you lack confidence and this is a massive turn off for people.

Also ensure that your online dating profile photos were taken recently and that they have a natural look to them.

In other words, avoid posting photos of yourself that seem to have all been taken by a professional photographer.

Although people want to see quality photos, they don’t want to feel as though they are looking through pictures on a brochure.

They want to get a feel for the person you are through your online dating profile photos.

They don’t want to get the feel of something that is manufactured for the sole purpose of being attractive to the eye.

If you take a look at your online dating profile and realize that there is some work you can do to improve it, you should do that first.

Again, it is highly unlikely that your long hair is a disadvantage and thereby, you do not have to try a different look.

You are not going to attract everyone on an online dating site whether you have long hair or not.

Focus instead on conveying your true personality and lifestyle through what you write on your online dating profile essay and the photos that you post.

Doing that will tremendously improve your online dating experience and get you a lot more dates.