I’ve Been Doing Online Dating And Sometimes Feel Guilty Because I Think I Am Leading Girls On?

I've Been Doing Online Dating And Sometimes Feel Guilty Because I Think I Am Leading Girls On?

You should ask yourself about why you started online dating in the first place.

If you sometimes feel guilty because you think that you are leading girls on, it may be because you aren’t quite sure about the kind of relationship or girl that you want.

It can be easy to get really carried away by all the dating choices that an online dating site provides.

However, you should still always have a good idea about what kind of person or relationship that you want so that you don’t get completely lost in it all.

You may sometimes feel guilty in thinking that you are leading girls on because you may be chatting with certain girls on the online dating site who really like you and believe that you may be a good prospect for a relationship.

You may sense that this is how these girls feel through what they say to you in conversation on the online dating site or how they respond to you.

You may initially like this kind of attention from such a good number of girls.

Indeed, you may not have been used to this kind of attention from girls in the real world.

At least, not to this volume.

Hence, you may feel really good about continuing on with chatting with all these girls who you are sensing are really liking you.

You simply take in all the attention and play along.

If they flirt with you, you flirt back.

If they give you compliments, you give them compliments back.

If they tease you, you tease them back.

Sometimes, you may even initiate some of this behavior.

You are truly enjoying all of this kind of talk and you just want to keep it going.

However, it doesn’t take long before some of these girls start developing feelings.

This is typically how it works when you interact with people over a sustained period of time and there is flirtation, complimenting and teasing involved.

Some of these girls will eventually start gaining feelings.

This is where you may sense that something is changing because the girls may start asking you more substantive questions than they used to in previous conversations that you have had with them on the online dating website.

All of a sudden, your conversations aren’t as lighthearted.

This is where you start realizing that these girls may be beginning to like you a lot more than you like them.

You were merely having fun with them all this time, being that you don’t even really know what kind of person or relationship that you are looking for.

However, it will only be a matter of time before someone begins to develop feelings after this much interaction.

Now, you are feeling guilty because you realize that you were just having fun this whole time and as a result you may have been leading these girls on.

You may not have intended for this to happen.

You may have simply been playing along.

However, remember that you are dealing with human beings.

Human beings have emotion.

Hence, the likelihood that some of these girls will develop feelings for you as your interaction with them on the online dating site wears on is very strong.

And now you worry about what to do with these girls that you have been inadvertently leading on.

You wonder about whether you should simply stop communicating with them altogether so that this doesn’t get out of hand.

After all, the communication with some of them is not even as fun as it used to be either. They have gotten a little bit too serious for you.

In order to avoid getting yourself in this position when you are online dating, you have to have a good idea of the kind of person that you are looking for and the kind of relationship.

This way, you are able to keep yourself focused on that ultimate goal and you only talk to people that you feel may be a good prospect to get you to that goal.

Doing this helps to take away the feeling of guilt you will have when you interact with girls that you aren’t that interested in simply because you are enjoying the attention.