Met A Guy Through Online Dating…What To Do Next?

Met A Guy Through Online Dating...What To Do Next?

If you have only recently met a guy through online dating, try not to get nervous or worried about what to do next.

You are better off allowing your interaction with this guy to happen in a natural way.

Try to think back to when you have met guys that you dated in real life.

Try to remember how that process was.

Hopefully, the process was relatively smooth and you allowed it to unfold in a natural way.

You should have this same approach with this guy that you met through online dating.

Worrying about what to do next may make you start behaving in a way that is against your nature.

In essence, just be yourself.

Be open to revealing more and more about your personality as time goes on.

When he asks you questions about yourself, be honest in your replies but try not to be too long-winded.

You want there to be a good balance in your conversations with this guy.

Hence, be sure to say enough but not too much.

Give him an opportunity to ask you follow-up questions without you giving him every little detail about a particular topic.

Also be sure to ask him questions about himself.

In essence, just let the conversation flow without trying to force it.

What comes next may be that this guy that you met through online dating may want to start talking to you through another medium at some point.

He may give you a few options as to what medium the both of you can use to continue communicating.

Use the medium that you feel most comfortable with using.

In essence, if he were to have a preference for one particular medium, you shouldn’t feel obligated to comply.

Simply give him the medium that you would be comfortable with using at this time.

Through this new medium, you should continue to communicate with the same kind of energy as you did when you were both communicating through the online dating site.

Remember to be conversational in nature and have an even balance of who leads the conversation.

If the interaction through this new medium has been going well, what comes next may be that he may ask you out to meet him at some point on a date.

At this point during your interaction with this guy that you met through online dating, you should have a good idea on whether you want to meet him or not.

Do not feel obligated to meet him if you aren’t comfortable doing so.

However, if you do feel that you want to meet him, then agree to the date.

Make sure you choose a public place to meet on your date.

No matter how safe you have felt whenever you have communicated with this guy through whatever medium you have both been using, you should still arrange to meet at a public place.

Never allow your emotions to overwhelm your common sense. Being safe for now is always best.

What comes next after that could be that this guy that you met through online dating contacts you one or two more times before the actual day of the date.

Hence, if you had gotten used to a certain regularity in how much he communicated with you, there may be a slight break in regularity at this stage.

It is nothing to panic about.

He is most likely doing this because he wants to save up conversation and anticipation for the date itself.

When you meet on a date at this public place, you may be nervous.

However, do understand that he is most likely nervous as well.

In order to break the nerves, you could start by cracking a joke.

Laughing really helps to calm the nerves.

Then, what comes next should hopefully be a wonderful first date.

Remember to keep being the person that he has come to know and avoid making the mistake of trying to be someone that you are not just so that you can be more appealing.

Just be you.

If he enjoys the date, he may ask you for another one in short order.