Online Dating: Anxiety With Posting Or Sending Pictures Of Myself?

Online Dating: Anxiety With Posting Or Sending Pictures Of Myself?

Online dating can feel fairly intimidating for some.

You are not the only one who has anxiety when it comes to posting or sending pictures of yourself to someone of interest.

Think about the reasons why you feel this anxiety.

What are some of the thoughts that you have whenever you think about posting a picture to your dating profile or sending a picture to someone of interest?

Do you think that you aren’t attractive enough to post decent pictures of yourself on your dating profile?

Do you worry that someone you know will discover your online dating profile and shame you?

Do you worry that sending a picture to someone may result in them asking for more until they start taking things too far by asking for nudes?

Let’s address the first question.

You shouldn’t be worried about whether you are attractive enough to post pictures of yourself to your dating profile.

Most people who use online dating sites aren’t models.

They are regular people like you.

They work at the stores that you go shopping in.

They are sitting next to you at a red light.

They are patiently waiting behind you at a drive-thru.

They are just like you.

They are just single and hoping that by joining an online dating site, they will find love.

They are not expecting to get matched with someone that looks like a model.

They are just hoping to find someone that they have things in common with who could ultimately become their life partner.

That is it.

When you look at it from this perspective, it will be a lot easier for you to post your pictures or send pictures to someone without feeling anxiety.

After all, you are in the same market for what they are looking for.

You are hoping to find a partner in life.

Use this desire to help you get past your anxiety.

Yes, someone that you know may recognize you on an online dating site.

Although this is something that causes you anxiety, you just have to get over it.

If they found you on a dating site, they are most likely using the dating site to do the exact same thing that you are doing, find a partner.

They really have no place to start belittling you when they are on the dating site for the exact same reason as you.

You have to stay focused on what you want.

You are the only one who gets to live in your own skin, not them.

What you want should take precedence over what they may or may not think about the fact that they found you on a dating site.

As long as you have nothing to hide, as in, being married or already in a relationship, you have nothing to be embarrassed about or fear in someone recognizing you on a dating site.

You have full control over the people that you choose to send pictures to.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the volume or the nature of pictures that they ask from you, you can stop sending them.

The good news is that most people will not take advantage of you when it comes to requesting pictures.

They understand boundaries and will only ask for what you are willing to give.

If all of this hasn’t assuaged your anxiety, it may be best that you avoid online dating for now.

Just let all this information sink in for the next few weeks and just get busy with life.

There is no hurry.

Online dating isn’t going anywhere.