Online Dating: Are Initial Likes Real?

Online Dating: Are Initial Likes Real?

Having recently joined a new dating app, you have been taken aback by the volume of initial likes you have been getting.

This isn’t your first rodeo.

You have signed up on dating apps in the past and struggled to get likes.

Yet, you have recently joined a new dating app and the initial likes you are getting are far more than anything you have seen on dating apps from your past.

It has you curious about whether these initial likes are real.

The fear is that the dating app is tricking you into becoming a paying premium member, so that you get to see who has sent you all these likes.

You don’t want to get your hopes up, pay for a premium membership, and end up empty-handed with a bunch of likes that are fake or bogus.

I get where your hesitation is coming from, and the truth is, it is warranted.

It is common practice that when someone joins a dating app as a new signup, likes abound.

This doesn’t mean that every single one of these likes are from fake dating profiles or bogus.

Indeed, as long as you are on a reputable dating app, it isn’t inconceivable that a number of these likes are real.

This being said, many guys complain about being tricked into buying a premium membership under the impression that they have a bunch of likes from women, only to discover that many of these likes were bogus.

This never feels good.

The guy feels suckered.

To avoid falling prey to what many men before you have fallen for, do your due diligence in investigating a dating app’s reputation.

Rest assured, a dating app that constantly tricks its new signups with bogus likes, will have a legion of people complaining about this on a plethora of forums and review sites online.

Earlier, I mentioned that it isn’t inconceivable that several of these initial likes are real.

Here is a trick that a few dating apps use to avoid getting labelled a sham.

Many of these initial likes are from women who are long distance.

These are women who live in different states and countries.

This is how a dating app covers itself.

Instead of running the risk of getting accused of being a dating app that uses fake or bogus dating profiles to get new signups to buy a premium membership, it gets to say that these are the real dating profiles of women who are interested in you, who so happen to be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Unfortunately, this reasoning doesn’t change the fact that a guy has just spent his hard-earned money to buy a premium subscription, excited about talking to a bunch of women who liked his dating profile, and is now staring at the dating profiles of women in states and countries that are nowhere near him.

If you are on a dating app that has a reputation for using this trick, those initial likes won’t pay off.