Online Dating: Did He Want A Kiss At The End Of Our First Date?

Online Dating: Did He Want A Kiss At The End Of Our First Date?

The first date was great.

The chemistry was palpable.

No different from the chemistry you had already shared with him on a dating app prior to agreeing to meet on the date.

That being said, you are unclear about whether he wanted to kiss you at the end of the date.

For a moment or two, it felt like he did.

Unfortunately, you have never been good at reading social or body language cues.

And it never helps that your body language tends to belie what you are feeling within.

You wouldn’t be surprised if he got the impression that you didn’t want him to kiss you at the end of the date, when in fact you did.

Body language has persistently been one of your worst enemies in the department of romance, as you have perpetually struggled to use it to show a date that you are romantically interested.

Sadly, you get nervous you when you are into a guy.

Instead of showing your romantic interest in him in no uncertain terms with your body language, you clamp up.

Your body language gets stiff.

The poor guy probably thought you didn’t want him to kiss you.

I know that every time you replay the end of the first date in your mind, you are increasingly convinced that you missed out on getting a kiss.

First, the good news.

As long as you had a good first date with him, missing out on a potential kiss from him hasn’t ruined anything.

Most guys don’t expect a kiss at the end of a first date.

With that said, continuing to miss out on getting a kiss from him on future dates will be a source of frustration for him.

A frustration that encourages him to stop taking you out on dates.

This is not ideal for you.

Once you learn the body language cues that indicate that he wants to kiss you at the end of a date, you steer clear of this outcome.

A guy who wants to kiss you at the end of a first date gets physically closer to your body.

He breaks the physical space barrier that we all have as human beings to protect our personal space from outsiders.

His closer physical proximity to you is usually coupled with increased touching and sustained eye contact.

His hand brushes a tendril of hair away from your face, or touches a bracelet you are wearing.

This kind of touching gives him an excuse to get that much closer to you physically.

While doing this, he is maintaining sustained eye contact with you, and every now and then, he glances at your lips.

This is where you really help this along by what you do with your body.

Look back at him and sustain eye contact until he breaks it.

As he touches you, lean into his touch, and gently brush a part of your body against his every so often.

These body language cues from either party sets the stage for him to know that you are open to a kiss from him.

Keep all of this in mind as you go out on future dates with him.

He is going to look out for a new occasion to kiss you.

As long as you are aware of the body language cues to look out for, and respond in kind, you won’t have to worry about whether you missed out on a kiss at the end of a future date.