Online Dating: Would You Date Someone With Poor Communication Skills?

Online Dating: Would You Date Someone With Poor Communication Skills?

Since you signed up on a dating app, you have matched with men who have poor communication skills.

At the outset, you wanted to give these men the benefit of the doubt.

After all, it is somewhat intimidating for someone to chat with a stranger on a dating app.

You get it.

So, you gave these guys the benefit of the doubt, engaging in several conversations with them over the course of several weeks.

Thus far, your patience hasn’t paid off.

These men never seem to get over their early conversation jitters.

Their poor communication skills persist weeks into conversation with them.

Extemporaneous conversation from his end is next to impossible, as you keep getting one-phrase or one-word answers to your questions.

He doesn’t return the favor by asking you an insightful question about yourself.

He doesn’t know how to respond to a joke and throw one back at you.

There is no nuance to his speech, as everything seems so robotic.

You are a forgiving person, but your patience wears thin with these men.

To this effect, you worry about the prospect of meeting with these matches in person.

The fear is that his poor communication skills will be just as evident, if not more, upon meeting him in person.

The thought of sitting across from each other, as you feverishly attempt to keep a live conversation going between you, is mortifying.

You dread putting yourself in this situation.

To this end, you have avoided meeting these men in person, even when some have requested it.

This contradicts the whole reason why you are on a dating app, which is to find a serious relationship.

If you keep avoiding meeting up with these men, you feel as though your presence on a dating app will be infinite.

Listen, your fears about these men are warranted.

Good communication skills in a relationship is absolutely crucial.

Although a good number of these men on dating apps have an innate problem with communication, it isn’t completely hopeless.

Consider changing your communication style when you originally match with these men.

Ask him questions in reference to what he loves and is passionate about.

The activities he writes about on his dating profile in detail, are the ones he is passionate about.

Asking a man questions in relation to what he is passionate about is where he has a tendency to open up.

Once he responds to a question in this vain, stay on the topic by asking him follow-up questions to it.

The longer you stay on a topic he is passionate about, the more emboldened he becomes.

This gets rid of the early conversation jitters for several of these men.

If you are too quick to bounce from topic to topic, you never give these men an opportunity to get comfortable, as he feels the pressure to switch to a new topic he is or isn’t passionate about.

Moving forward, use a strategy of staying on topic for an extra long period of time whenever you get into conversations with your matches.

This gets a number of these men to get over their early conversation jitters, opening the door to better communication.