Online Dating: Being Friends First?

Online Dating: Being Friends First?

Some romantic relationships come out of being friends first.

Using this approach with someone that you meet online can work.

It would have to be an approach that you truly prefer and espouse.

Using the friends first approach reluctantly will not work.

Some people fall into the trap of using the friends first approach to appease someone else that they are romantically interested in.

The person tells them that they want to be friends first and see where things go from there.

You acquiesce in the hopes that this person will eventually come around and decide to date you romantically.

This is never the right approach.

For a friends first approach to work, you truly have to believe in this way of going about finding a partner.

This means that you have used this approach in real life, seen the results, and believe that this is what works best for you.

Developing a romance out of friendship can happen, but the likelihood of this outcome depends on the honesty in which this approach is being used.

When one party is only using it to appease the other party who has requested it, it is a lot less likely to work.

In fact, not only does romance not happen, the friendship itself falters.

It was never a genuine friendship to begin with. You only got into it on the behest of the other person when what you really wanted was to start a romance.

Many people fall into the trap of being friends first at the behest of the person that they are interested in, when what they really wanted was to get into a romance a lot sooner.

Getting into a friends first type relationship when you had ulterior motives from the start will normally get you nowhere but heartbreak and a lot of wasted time.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to acquiesce to a friends first relationship when what you really want is romance.

There are no guarantees that this person of interest is going to ultimately give you what you want in terms of romance.

The sad thing is that many people who choose to reluctantly go ahead with this approach often end up getting more emotionally attached to a person who still only sees them as a friend.

If you weren’t enticing enough for them to consider you as a romantic prospect at the start, becoming friends with them in no way guarantees that they will ever see you as anything other than a friend.

This is a dangerous game that you are playing.

You are reluctantly choosing to be this person’s friend in the hopes that they will eventually come around to liking you romantically.

This approach almost never works.

There are lots of other places in the vast world of the internet, other than a dating site, where this person can find friends who have romantic potential.

In choosing to use a dating site and having the friends first approach, they are dangling a carrot in front of you that you may never reach.

If the true reason why you are on a dating site is to find a relationship partner and you don’t truly believe in the friends first approach as you have never even practiced that approach to romantic relationships in your own life, you are better off letting this person go.

Not doing so leads you on a path of hope that may never be satiated, resulting in a lot of time and emotion wasted.