Online Dating: Do We Get More Likes If We Travel?

Online Dating: Do We Get More Likes If We Travel?

Upon traveling for a weekend to a major city, you noticed that you received more likes on your dating profile than what you are used to.

Significantly more.

This had you curious about whether traveling instigates an increased number of likes on a dating app.

Living in a mid-sized city, you have never had a day where you received as many likes as you did in a single day while you were on this weekend trip.

This has you stumped, and I see why, but there are a few sensible reasons why this happened.

When you travel to a major city, you have entered an area that has an exponentially larger number of people who live in it than the mid-sized city you traveled from.

A dating app automatically updates your location when you travel, upon opening it.

This automatic update empowers it to match you up with a much larger pool of people, given that you are now in a major city.

When you travel to a much larger city from a mid-sized city, you are bound to get more likes simply on account of the increased number of people in it.

It doesn’t have to be a major city either.

A city that just so happens to have more of what you are looking for in a match instigates an increased number of likes too.

Do you have a preference for a specific ethnicity?

A preference on occupation or educational background?

A preference on religion or political viewpoints?

If you so happen to travel to a city that has more of what you are looking for in a match, you get more likes, irrespective of the size of the city.

Additionally, a city that so happens to be hosting major events while you are visiting, instigates more likes.

Events like conventions, concerts, sports competitions, grand openings, ceremonies, etc., draw a legion of people to a city temporarily.

With this temporary inflation in the number of people visiting the city for an event, you get more likes as you spend the weekend in said city.

Finally, never underestimate the power of new and unusual activity.

A dating app’s algorithm is programmed to respond to new and unusual activity.

By traveling to this major city, you are doing something new and unusual.

The algorithm is used to tracking your movements as you drive around the city you live in.

It’s used to tracking you as you walk into the same buildings.

Now that you have traveled to a new city for the weekend, this creates a jolt of excitement.

In traveling to this new and unusual location, you have drawn the full-blown curiosity of the dating app’s algorithm.

It’s like the algorithm has unexpectedly received a shot of adrenaline, now that you have broken the routine of driving or walking within the same neighborhoods of the mid-size city you live in.

This change is exhilarating, and the algorithm rewards you for it by getting you more likes.