Online Dating: Guy Lied About His Age. Should I Cut Things Off Or Continue Dating Him?

Online Dating: Guy Lied About His Age. Should I Cut Things Off Or Continue Dating Him?

The romantic connection is strong and the dates you have been on with him have been fantastic.

You thought he was around or close to your age.

He stated as much in his dating profile.

Several dates in, he has come clean and told you that he is older, several years older than what he claimed on his dating profile.

Unsurprisingly, this has left you befuddled.

Now that you have met him in person on several dates, you would never have suspected that he misrepresented his age.

He does look like the age he stated in his dating profile.

But, in reality, he isn’t that age.

He has confessed it and you are at a crossroads.

Do you ignore everything you have liked about him so far and cut things off or do you continue dating him?

Many people lie on their dating profile.

Men primarily lie about their height and income, while women primarily lie about their weight and age.

These lies happen with such frequency on dating apps, they are a part of online dating culture.

It’s never a good thing when you discover that someone misrepresented themselves on a dating app, but it is such a part of online dating culture, there is no escaping it.

You clearly like this guy.

This is why you don’t know whether to cut things off with him or continue dating him.

In which case you should ask yourself about whether his age is that big of a deal to you.

If it was, you wouldn’t be this doubtful of what to do.

You would cut things off and be done with him.

But you haven’t done that.

What about him has you liking him?

Do those qualities that you like about him make him unique?

In other words, has he been the best match you have met?

Good matches don’t grow on trees.

When you meet one on a dating site, it’s best to think long and hard before choosing to let them go.

Yes, it was wrong that he lied about his age.

Most guys who lie about their age on dating apps think that they have to so as to attract a woman who would otherwise not include his age within her preferred age range for a match.

This doesn’t excuse nor justify the lie.

Let’s face it, his age is outside of what you normally date or prefer to date.

How much of a deal breaker is that to you?

This is where it’s at.

Something that is too great of a deal breaker can’t be overlooked.

No matter how good the connection has been, if age is a massive deal breaker for you, it is going to resurface as a major issue down the line.

How have you faired with the guys that have met your age preference?

Did you connect with them like you have with this older guy?

Obviously, you haven’t.

Your time with this guy has been exceptional.

How you feel with him is on a superior level.

There are no guarantees that you are going to meet a guy within your range of age preference that matches the connection you have had thus far with this older guy.

Everything boils down to how much of a deal breaker his age is to you.

If everything else that you have learned about this man’s life showcases someone of good character, from what he does for a living to who he keeps as friends, the lie he told on the dating site was a means to an end and not a reflection of who he is as a person.

Chew on this as you make your decision.

Everyone lies, including you.