Online Dating: Have You Ever Talked To Someone Online And Found Out That They Weren’t Who They Said They Were?

Online Dating: Have You Ever Talked To Someone Online And Found Out That They Weren't Who They Said They Were?

There have been cases where people have talked to someone online only to find out that the person wasn’t who they said they were.

Being that online dating is so popular and available to anyone with an internet connection, there are always going to be bad apples.

This is how it is with anything that is widely used.

There are always going to be people who will misuse it.

The good news is that the majority of people who do online dating are who they say they are.

It is to their advantage to do so, being that they are looking to meet people to date or hook up with.

It would make no sense for them to completely misrepresent who they say that they are when they know that their ultimate goal is to meet someone to date or hook up with from an online dating site.

The few people who pretend to be someone that they aren’t on online dating sites are typically the ones who have no intentions of ever meeting whoever it is that they are talking to online.

They are merely there for their own selfish purposes and nothing more.

They already know that they have no intention of meeting anyone that they talk to online.

As a result, they can create whatever persona and life that they want to when they talk to someone online.

They can allow themselves to run wild with these fabricated representations of who they are and what their lives are like.

Oftentimes, the people that do this are very unhappy with their own lives.

They are not accepting of who they are as a person.

As a result, they decide to become someone else.

Some of them even hope to get back at society in some way by making themselves out to be this person that they really aren’t on an online dating site.

They look at it as their form of revenge.

They will create the best possible persona online and take pleasure in deceiving all these suitors who have been drawn to their dating profiles because of how attractive they have represented themselves to be.

So, for some of the people who talk to others online and misrepresent who they really are, they are able to get a degree of satisfaction in getting back at society in this way.

Now, if your intention for online dating is to find a romantic mate or someone to hook up with, it would be best to avoid people who misrepresent who they truly are on online dating sites.

This would be a waste of your time and emotion.

One of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of someone like this is to make sure that you don’t communicate with anyone that you are talking to on an online dating site for too long.

Again, people who tend to misrepresent who they truly are on online dating sites will typically never want to meet.

However, they do want to interact with people online.

They know that most people who do online dating will ultimately want to meet, so they find ways to keep their conversations going with people but never actually meet them.

They may make promises about meeting the person soon or they may even agree to these meet ups but then cancel at the last minute.

Upon canceling, they may make further promises about meeting up on a future date in the hopes that they are able to continue stringing this person along.

You should watch for these kind of delay tactics when you are interacting with someone online.

Again, do not correspond with anyone online for too long.

If you like the person, set up a meeting in good time.

Do not wait on them to set up the meeting.

If the person keeps finding ways to avoid the meeting or cancels on you, it is best to stop expending any more energy or time on this person.

Again, the people who masquerade as people that they aren’t on online dating sites have no intention of meeting.

The sooner you set up a meeting after a reasonable amount of time spent communicating with this person on an online dating site, the sooner you will discover if you are dealing with someone who is truly being sincere about meeting.