How To Tell If One Is A Catfisher In Online Dating?

How To Tell If One Is A Catfisher In Online Dating?

A catfisher constantly contradicts themselves.

You should pay attention to the conversations that you are having with this person and you will be able to easily tell when they contradict themselves.

A catfisher is normally a person who creates a false online persona in order to lure an unsuspecting person into a false romance.

Once they have this person emotionally, they can manipulate this person in order to get whatever they want out of the interaction.

In order to build a false persona, a catfisher will have to tell false stories that aren’t true to their real life experience.

If you have enough conversations with this catfisher on the online dating site and you are paying attention, you will notice some contradictions in their stories.

If you were to bring up a particular topic that they chatted to you about in a previous conversation, you may notice that this person may have a hard time getting the details straight.

In other words, if you were paying attention to what this catfisher was saying in these past conversations, you may now notice that the catfisher is completely contradicting some of what they said in that previous conversation.

Perhaps they talked to you about a particular experience they had when they traveled to a particular city.

You may bring up that topic in a future conversation and this catfisher may mistake that specific city for another one.

In other words, they are repeating some of the details of that past conversation but unbeknownst to them, they are using the name of a totally different city, instead of the one that they gave you in that past conversation.

When you notice a consistent pattern of these kind of specific contradictions in their stories, you may be interacting with a catfisher.

It can be very hard to keep up with fake stories as time goes on.

This catfisher is only human and hence, they are going to forget some details about their fabricated stories as time goes on and they continue to interact with you on the online dating site.

In order to tell if someone that you are interacting with on an online dating site is a catfisher, pay really close attention to what they tell you during your conversations with them.

If they have a pattern of contradicting some of the details from these conversations, you may be dealing with a catfisher.

Another way to tell that a person is a catfisher in online dating is if you notice that this person has a habit of mimicking information that you give them about yourself.

They will often do this when they chat with you on the online dating site and also with their online dating profile.

You may notice that as you have more and more conversations with this person, they are often telling you that they have had the exact same experience that you are describing.

Though lots of people have had common experiences, a catfisher will often go overboard with this.

They may draw too many parallels to what you tell them.

You may even notice this with what they start doing on their online dating profiles.

They may redo their online dating profile essay so as to include certain experiences that imitate what you have told them in past conversations about your own experiences.

In essence, they may write about how they have had several experiences that really mesh with what you have also experienced.

They may even start posting pictures on their online dating profile that show them engaged in these similar activities.

For example, you may have told this person about your love of cycling in previous conversations.

You may soon notice that all of a sudden, this person now has a number of online dating profile pictures that shows them cycling.

Again, if you notice that this person has only started doing this after gaining all this kind of information from you, there is a good chance that they are trying to manipulate you into believing that they have had similar experiences as you.

This is how they try to deceive you into believing that you actually have a connection to them.

By fabricating their experiences in order to relate to your own experiences, they are able to make you feel as though they are someone that you can feel comfortable with and trust.

By getting you to this frame of thinking, the catfisher can eventually manipulate you into giving them whatever it is that they wanted from you in the first place.

This could be any kind of sensitive personal information, including financial information.